Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer loving.

Now that I am on summer vacation and we're not traveling anywhere much, I have plenty of time to do some crafty things I've really been wanting to do.  If I can ever break myself away from the computer and trying to catch up on blogs (I'm starting to wonder if I should narrow my Google Reader down), here are a few projects I hope to have in the works this summer.


Since we bought our house in February, I haven't had much time to decorate.  I want to focus on a couple of small  rooms in our house.  I figure if I start small and am successful, I'll be able to do more in the other rooms.  We were so lucky that all of the rooms in our house were already painted in wonderful colors.  The guest bedroom and guest bath are my first two rooms to tackle.  I've gotten some wonderful inspiration from Pinterest.  I want a statement piece of art for the bedroom.  Here are a couple ideas I am considering making:

You can typically find canvases at Michael's for relatively cheap.  I think I may use differently colors for the set of canvases since the walls in the room are already very similar to that lighter shade of blue.  I utilize our spare bedroom for keeping my jewelry as well.  I've been on and off jewlery binges, and now I have no good way or organizing everything.  Why not have a wall hanging that is practical as well?

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

[Utilizing door knobs to hold necklaces]

[Burlap covered board - I like color of the burlap against the bright walls in our room]

[Not a new idea, but inspiration for earring holders.  It may not be practical for larger jewelry pieces]

And finally it is a guest room but we do not have the room very practically set up for guests.  One thing I know the room is missing is a bedside table.  I'm obsessed with this idea:

Source: None via Kristin on Pinterest

Now if only I could find thrifted suitcases in those exact colors!


Megan said...

Cute ideas!!

justagirlLaura said...

I love all these ideas! You'll definitely have to post your photos once you've finished them and then let me know how difficult they were =)

Just an fyi, that last photo of the suitcases, etc. is Emily's from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I remember when she posted them from her guest bedroom. So great, right?!

Anonymous said...

One of my friends did a similar vintage suitcase end table in her living room and its absolutely adorable.

Looks like you have some fun projects on the horizon!

meghan said...

I think we're the same person. I could take a picture of my summer to do list. It consists of making a jewelry organizer and doing more "crafty things". I love the zig zag wall art, and it is again something that I could do!!!

Tara @ Dashing in Pearls said...

I'm pretty sure we've "pinned" all the same things! I love the necklace organizer and once I'm in a house will definitely do it!

taylor said...

i really love those chevron-print canvases! they look great & not too hard to diy.

Lisa Letting Go said...

What a cute blog you have!! :)

WannabeRunner said...

Oooh i really love those ideas! Pinterest is becoming my new obsession. :)

lila Braga said...

very cute ideas....and sweet,sweet blog!


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