Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly presence v.4

In an effort to be more present in my life and utilize this space for documentation and sharing, this is a weekly series to display happenings and special moments in my life.

On the tail end of a couple snow weeks, I finally turned off Parenthood and read almost all day.  I plowed through Girl on the Train and definitely enjoyed it as a quick read that kept me wanting to figure out what was going to happen next.  I literally read the entire book within 48 hours.  It was the perfect end to my nice, hefty break.

D and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary (which puts us at almost a decade of walking through life together!), and we always rent a little cabin in the mountain.  I love escaping reality and celebrating such a special time in our lives.  Another thing that feels extra special to me is the opportunity to spend alone time with the pups and give them more attention.  They love the time to run freely and wildly, and it's just the best feeling.

I love this guy so much though.  When we go away, I literally get phantom images of him curled up in a random chair.  Whenever we return, I savor every moment and every cuddle with him.

My dream come true would be to live within walking distance to Yellow Dog Bread Co. in Raleigh.  After a wonderful professional development day, I took time to stop by for a treat.  They make the most amazing sweets (sticky buns the size of your face) and tasty savory treats.  March has been really good to me so far.


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