Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten things Tuesday :: Happiness Edition duex.

So keeping in check with my weekly and ongoing happiness list...

11.  Massages

Honestly, they don't even have to be professional massages.  There is something about a massage that completely and utterly relaxes me.  They make me feel absolutely wonderful.  It can be D just giving me a back and shoulder massage or a professional one.  There aren't many better feelings than a massage for me.

12.  Mexican food & margaritas

If there is one meal I could eat every day for the rest of my life, it would have to include chips & salsa and margaritas.  Since we're often on a budget, we do Mexican at home a lot.  I tweet a ridiculous amount about how often I am making Carrie's guacamole.  I'm basically obsessed.

13.  Reuniting with friends

[In Birmingham, AL this month for KDS' wedding]

[Friends in Raleigh last summer to hang out]

We make it back to Athens a lot and reunite with friends there.  We have some of the best times going back to Athens.  I love reuniting with friends in Raleigh.  It's always so fun to be able to show friends around my new town.  I adore reunions in other new towns.  It's just so fun to reminisce, laugh, and explore with old friends that I don't get to see regularly living in Raleigh. 

14.  Funny shows

[Parks and Recreation]

 [Arrested Development]

I'm currently obsessed with Parks and Rec but will never be over the loss of Arrested Development.  Funny shows make me so happy.  Since D and I currently don't have cable, it becomes of ritual of catching up on the NBC Thursday sitcoms on Sunday mornings after he's been out of town.  I'm also loving Modern Family.  Summertime TV sort of sucks without cable and no hilarious reruns.

15.  Sleeping in 

I won't lie.  I can still sleep late.  Like 11:30 late.  I'm not ashamed.  I figure I should just keep doing it until I can't anymore.  And hell, if I ever have kids I figure those sleep in days will be nonexistent, so I'm taking advantage.  I try don't waste all of my summer days sleeping in until 11:30.  Admittedly, I don't get the same satisfaction from sleeping in during the summer as I do during the school year.  But I will tell you, 215+ days of the year getting up between 5:15-5:30 makes those sleep in days feel like heaven.
16. Amusement/water parks

[Yep!  Six Flags over Georgia circa 2003!*]

I used to be scared of roller coasters, but once I conquered that fear I never turned back.  I love going to water parks.  I spent a lot of my high school (and even a few times in college with D) time going to amusements and water parks.  I love the thrill of the roller coasters and the water slides.  D and I even spent one of our college spring breaks here...

[Haha...circa 2008]
*Identity kept since permission was not asked to post this photo

17.  Flying

Lots of people get scared flying.  For me, it means I'm going somewhere new.  I've never flown anywhere I've been before.  Flying is expensive, so when I do fly it's typically for vacation.  I hope that, as we get older and make more money, we will eventually fly back to places we've already visited.  I associate flying with a new adventure.  I suppose if I ever do fly someone for a work conference, somewhere I've already been, etc., it's still a new adventure.

18.  Accomplishment

It's that feeling.  I've mentioned before that I didn't feel that I was really successful or accomplished this year in teaching.  I turned towards being accomplished at running.  It's something I am going to will finish.  I feel accomplished and strong when I finish a run.  I have a goal to meet, and I complete steps to meet it.  Running is giving me my sense of accomplishment right now (and if you check out Megan's post here about running and self-esteem, you'll know why).  I know I'll get that feeling from other aspects of my life sometime though.  At least for now, I don't have to continue to search out that feeling.

19.  Chai from Jittery Joes

Jittery Joe's is in Athens.  There is no where that I can find a chai like theirs.  I'm in love and obsessed with it.  I would get it all the time...hot and iced.  Delicious...

20.  Cuddling with the cats

[Bailey 9/6/06 - the day I got him]

Bailey was my first pet of my own as a college student.  D surprised me with him.  I actually wasn't really into cats (although I had been obsessed as a child) because I didn't want to deal with cleaning a litter box.  Yeah...that faded away pretty quickly.  Bailey is the most cuddley, loving cat ever.  My computer is filled with probably hundreds of pictures of him.  Little girl was our second cat, and she is not as affectionate.  She still has her moments of loving...when she does, I snatch her and don't let her get away.  I'm always snuggling with one of them and instagraming their pictures (follow me on instagram if you follow me on twitter!).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer in review :: Week one.

As much as I am dying to be at a year-round school, there really is something to be said for summer break.  While it's only two months, I make some of the best memories during the summer.  Last week was my first full week to relish in the joys that summer brings.  Here are some iPhone snapshots of my first week of freedom.

 [Pool only a mile from our house...perfect for working on my tan!]

 [More and more fresh veggies from the garden!  Getting excited about pickling]

 [Day drinking is the best kind of drinking]

 [Local, farm fresh ice from from Maple View Farms in Chapel Hill, NC]

 [Beer sampling at Big Boss Brewing in Raleigh]
 [Tour de Fat in Durham, NC - Amazing festival put on by New Belgium Beer.  It's based around bicycling and will help to support local cycling in your town.  Check the tour dates here - I know they are headed to Nashville then Chicago and so on]

 [D likes to take the first round of driving TO the beach for optimum alcohol consumption while AT the beach]

 [Met a torrential downpour and had some seriously scary looking clouds looming over...but stuck it out for what ended up being a perfect day at the beach]

[I'm obsessed with beach days]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer loving.

Now that I am on summer vacation and we're not traveling anywhere much, I have plenty of time to do some crafty things I've really been wanting to do.  If I can ever break myself away from the computer and trying to catch up on blogs (I'm starting to wonder if I should narrow my Google Reader down), here are a few projects I hope to have in the works this summer.


Since we bought our house in February, I haven't had much time to decorate.  I want to focus on a couple of small  rooms in our house.  I figure if I start small and am successful, I'll be able to do more in the other rooms.  We were so lucky that all of the rooms in our house were already painted in wonderful colors.  The guest bedroom and guest bath are my first two rooms to tackle.  I've gotten some wonderful inspiration from Pinterest.  I want a statement piece of art for the bedroom.  Here are a couple ideas I am considering making:

You can typically find canvases at Michael's for relatively cheap.  I think I may use differently colors for the set of canvases since the walls in the room are already very similar to that lighter shade of blue.  I utilize our spare bedroom for keeping my jewelry as well.  I've been on and off jewlery binges, and now I have no good way or organizing everything.  Why not have a wall hanging that is practical as well?

Source: flickr.com via Kristin on Pinterest

[Utilizing door knobs to hold necklaces]

[Burlap covered board - I like color of the burlap against the bright walls in our room]

[Not a new idea, but inspiration for earring holders.  It may not be practical for larger jewelry pieces]

And finally it is a guest room but we do not have the room very practically set up for guests.  One thing I know the room is missing is a bedside table.  I'm obsessed with this idea:

Source: None via Kristin on Pinterest

Now if only I could find thrifted suitcases in those exact colors!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


That's how I'm feeling today.  I started writing a post on another topic and just deleted it.  I'm mainly feeling uninspired to blog.  I've been busy working on my Europe photobook, running, and doing chores around the house.  I'm wishing it wasn't overcast here so I could go lay out by the pool.   I need to paint my nails, but this photo book project (I'm using Shutterfly) is consuming me.  I want to do some online shopping because I am craving some pretty dresses, but pay day is next week.  Even once pay day comes, money is already committed to other places...half marathon registration, teaching license fees, etc.  I am finally putting away some money again for trips though!  Ok, this is what happens when I blog without a topic...uninspired rambling.  I promise to be back soon with some inspired posts!

For now I leave you with some adorableness...

Btw...check out  Meghan's awesome giveaway right now!  I need some winning in my life right now :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten things tuesday :: Happiness edition.

If you check out my 101 in 1001 list, you'll see this:

83. Identify 101 things that make me happy

During all the boring standardized  testing I had to administer, I had lots of down time.  One of the things I worked on was compiling that happiness list.  I only got to 80, but I want to document what I have.  I'm going to do a Ten on Tuesday :: Happiness Edition to slowly document what really makes me happy.  I wrote the list in no particular order and will keep it that way.

1.  D
I adore the simple things with D.  Sleeping in and having brunch.  Late night movies on a whim.  Beach days.  I also love traveling with him.  For me, traveling is just better with someone than alone.  I want to share all of my traveling experiences with him.  There is nothing that makes me more happy than getting on a plane with D on our way to discover a new place. 

I still remember the feelings of this day.  The frustration of being on standby, the nerves and anxiety of wondering and traveling.  This was the day we finally boarded the plane to spend our month in Europe.   

2.  Travel

[My favorite place on Earth, ever.  Cinque Terre, Italy]
I banter on forever about travel and how much I love it and that it's all I want to do forever.  If only a girl had an unlimited budget for travel, I'd be golden.

3.  Sushi

I seriously can not get enough sushi!  I've been having an obsession over it lately.  Unfortunately, D and I tend to spend quite a bit of money when we go out to sushi.  The excitement of it comes few and far between.

4.  Reading

There is something I love about getting lost in a book.  In college and during my first job, I didn't make much time for reading.  Now I try to make at least an hour every night to read.  I should never say never (anyone automatically think of Justin Bieber when I say that?), but I don't see myself getting a Kindle or Nook in the near future.  I love checking out books from the library (even if I do sometimes accrue late fees).  We also have big bookshelves built in in our living room.  I'm dying to completely fill them.

5.  Beach

[One of our first beach trips to the NC Coast]

One thing I have discovered this year after living in Raleigh is that the beach is essential to my well being.  This may or may not be an exaggeration.  We live two hours from the coast, and it is amazing.  There is something about sitting out there, lathered in sun screen, sweating, and listening to the waves.  It makes it better to have a cold beer and sub sandwich by your side, but that's not a necessity.  The beach is my ultimate place to relax and de-stress.

6.  Warm Weather

 [Camping 2010]
 [Terrapin Anniversary party 2011]

[Homemade steak tacos, homemade quac, and local grown corn!]

Camping, beer events, eating dinners on the porch.  These are some of my favorite warm weather activities.

7.  Feeling fit/skinny
It's not necessarily the number on the scale that makes me feel the best.  It's seeing those muscles develop and being strong.  Sometimes the numbers do consume my mind, like getting down to that "ideal" jean size.  Even though I am not at my goal weight, I love putting on a swim suit and just feeling better about it.  I love that feeling I get after working out.  It makes me feel strong and empowered.   

8.  Breakfast cooked by D

He is the best breakfast cook.  My favorite thing he makes is stuffed french toast.  I love it when he wakes up a little earlier then me and gets the breakfast started.  I don't think I'll ever tire of his homemade breakfasts!

9.  Traveling/exploring with D

All pictures from our month in Europe. I talk about this a lot (and mentioned it above).  I do love exploring Raleigh and other local places with D too.  

10.  Shopping

I really don't get to actually do a lot of shopping much anymore, but I love it. I love having a new item.  I love shopping for others too.  I wish I had more money these days to do both.  There is something so fun about finding an awesome piece, (clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, etc) and purchasing it.  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Closet Craving :: More running gear

On my last craving post about running gear, I mentioned a doctors appointment to get my breathing in check.  I checked that off the list.  I complained about needing new shoes, and finally got these badass kicks:

[Nike Lunarfly+ for only $17!  Right in my price range!]

I haven't gotten anything else from that first craving post, but the doctor was most needed.  I still haven't gotten a really good sports bra for support, which I really need.  I'm definitely still craving the Garmin Forerunner.

[I'm sort of obsessed with the 405 version]

I hate the bulkiness of the 305 version.  I really just want to not have to carry my huge bulky iPhone on every run.  It would probably be beneficial to just get an armband to hold my iPhone, but why?  I want the Garmin eventually anyway.

So once I get the Garmin, I'm still going to need something for some music.  Here's where the trusty iPod comes in handy.

Yep!  That bad boy will clip on wherever and keep me motivated.  I'm just a runner that needs to have music.  I do want to try out an audio book, but those things are expensive.  I have one that I bought a couple of years ago for Europe, which I plan to try out on a run.  


[Nathan Quickdraw Elite - also 22-ounces]

Now that I am starting to fully run longer distances (averaging running around 4 miles per day on week 8 of Couch to 10k) and in the heat, I'm thinking water is a necessity.  I don't love the idea of having to hold something else or looking like a fool running on the streets with a water bottle, but I'm thinking well being here.  Obviously a 10-ounce would be pretty solid for a hot 4 mile run, but once I start training for the half, runs will get longer.  


  [Because I will!  Found here]

My pace is crazy slow these days.  It is still hard for me to get an accurate pace outside by just using my Nike+.  Today the app told me this today:

9:45 was my fastest?!  And I was in the green most of the way?  The red 37 was at the end when I thought I might pass out.  Nike+ told me the entire time that my average pace was around 13:00, so I was shocked to see that 9:45 holding steady.  I was creeeeeeeeping up the hills.  Anyway, I don't think any of this was accurate.  It is still safe to say that in the running world, I am definitely an "I'll get there eventually" runner (but still a runner nonetheless!).

And of course, I could always use more work out clothes from Target


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