Wednesday, June 27, 2012

guest post :: bicoastally.

Claire is a girl after my own heart!  She writes over at Bicoastally.  Claire is a San Francisco transplant and originally from Georgia (like me!).  At this point in our trip, hopefully Claire and I will have met!  She has a lot of the same moral views as me and does some pretty amazing work for a living as well as in her free time (hint: it involves the San Quentin prison)!  Claire is really an inspiration, but she has a love for all drinks alcoholic as I do.

I love how Claire just wrapped up everything for drinking June and our guest posts overall!


Hi there, Skinny Jeans & a Chai Latte readers!  I'm especially excited to be writing this guest post, cause Kristin's headed to California . . . where I'll get to meet up with her for a beer!  I'm here to share a couple of my favorite summer drinks, in keeping with Kristin's "Drinking June" theme.

1. Beer:

This is my favorite summer beer.  I'm a sucker for wheat beers anyway, and this one is SO REFRESHING on a sunny day.  Add an orange slice and I'm one happy girl.

2. Smoothie:

I'm all about the green smoothies.  They're the perfect summer (or any season) breakfast.  Here's my favorite take on the Green Monster:

1 tbsn flax seed
2 big handfuls baby spinach
1 banana
1 big tbsn almond butter
handful of frozen strawberries

Et voila--delicious & healthy breakfast.

3. Etc.:

Coffee is my #1 homie, my sweet addiction, that-which-keeps-me-going.  I don't know what I'd do without it.  I prefer mine darkly roasted with half & half (no sugar), and all the better if it's from a local company.  Peet's is a chain, but it's local, and it's sooooooo good:

4. Wine:

I just don't feel right writing a post about drinking without mentioning my first love: wine.  While I'm a red drinker throughout most of the year, I turn to crisp whites in the summer.  One of my favorites is from Napa Valley's own Cakebread Cellars.  Their 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is light & delicious, and it's one of their most affordable wines:

Lucky for me, Cakebread is only about a 45 minute drive from my house, and it's one of my favorite wineries to visit.

Thanks for having me!  Come say hi & let me know all about your favorite summer drinks. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

guest post :: house of glass.

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.  This girl is seriously the best.  I honestly do not even understand how it took me so long to find her.  Even though I don't technically "know" her (except I'll be on my way to meet her in just a couple of days!), she has to be one of the funniest girls I know.  And you totally should go check out all of her awesome Maui pictures!

I love how Ashley switched it up from alcohol!  And damn!  Girl even gave us a recipe!  That's what drinking June is all about!


hey there Skinny Jeans & a Chai Latte readers!
my name is Ash and i blog over at House of Glass 

how exciting is it that Kristin is embarking on the trip of a lifetime.. come see me?!!?!

bahaha i know, i KNOW.. she is so kind
to drive allllll the way cross country
just to visit me...
...and drink beers.

now, before i get to my lovely post
i have a confession:
this was originally supposed to be a video..
an homage, if you will, to My Drunk Kitchen.

but im too lazy to edit
and, while i find myself HILARIOUS and witty,
i think it might be too IN YO FACE for a first time guest post.

so maybe, if i have had the time,
i could edit the video and put it
on my blog...

or maybe not.

this is my guest post
i make the rules
im taking over
vote for me for president...


ok, let's get down to business.

you may or may not know this
but i drank nothing but juice for the entire month of january (:

yes, you read that right
nothing but fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juice
for 31 days.

and yes, of course i lost weight... read about it here

since then, i've incorporated a lot of juicing into my daily diet
and i have never been more energized or happy.

this juice (i should say smoothie) is my favorite
and i highly recommend it as it's filled
with tropical goodness and a bit of green.

Morning Sunrise Smoothie

-2 bananas
-1 C mango
-1 C pineapple
-1/2 C papaya
-1-2 handfuls spinach
-1-2 C OJ

1. peel bananas and place them in a blender. if you are making this for two people, throw in another banana for a total of 3. yes 3 bananas in one smoothie.

2. place tropical fruit on top of bananas. i'm lazy and never want to cut up all this fruit, so i buy the tropical fruit medley from Trader Joe's- it's already cut up for you! no excuses people, we are getting healthy and energized!

3. place spinach on top of fruit.

4. top with ice and orange juice.

5. blend that puppy up.  it's good to blend the drink for a long time. i have a blendtec that has a smoothie button- and i think it blends for roughly a minute or so, with variations in speed.

6. pour into a tall glass and enjoy!  this should be enough to have PLENTY of leftovers.  guzzle the juice down, refill, and repeat. trust me. typical juice/smoothie recipes ALWAYS leave me wanting more- that's because they are so low in volume that it's impossible to be filled up with just one serving! so drink all of this and thank me later for not feeling too hungry (;

and there you go.
 i drink this daily, and sometimes make it at night if i'm feeling particularly bloated/fat/disgusting and don't want to eat.
you could make this with a variety of fruit, not just the ones listed.
kiwis are delicious, grapefruit is good..
just get creative!

also, instead of ice, you could throw in frozen organic strawberries. or any frozen fruit.

im telling you, once you accept that fruit is delicious and nutritious and THE BEST thing for your body, you will LOVE making smoothies and juice.  they taste so good.


Friday, June 22, 2012

food & beer Friday :: This is a wilde one.

Even though I'm off galavanting around California with D (and other beautiful bloggers), I couldn't leave you without a Food & Beer Friday post!  I'll be back next week with lots of kick-ass Cali beers to tempt you with!

I've featured an IPA before, but a farmhouse IPA is of a different variety.  Farmhouse beers are typically categorized by the fact that they are brewed with a saison yeast strain.  There are only a few farmhouse IPAs out there though.  Flying Dog characterizes theirs as having citrus and spice qualities with a sharp hop bitterness.  For me, there is something I really enjoy about saison/farmhouse ales.  The special beer brewed for BFW was a farmhouse ale and obviously holds a special place in my heart.

Now for food pairings...I think you're going to like this one!


That's right, dark chocolate!  Of course as most IPAs, it will pair wonderfully with spicy dishes.  Let's think about having this beer as your night cap though!  Flying Dog recommends pairing it with a dark chocolate, especially one made with orange peel.  This will bring out the citrusy notes in the beer.

[via Chocolove]

If you have one of these chocolate bars sitting around or feel like baking up some Chewy Dark Chocolate and Orange cookies, pick up this beer for your dessert!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

guest post :: olivia.dee.

Olivia was probably one of my first California bloggy friends.  Let me tell you, I am obsessed with this girl!  She is the cutest ever.  Definitely go check out her blog!  You're guaranteed to fall in {bloggy} love with her!

We're continuing the drinking June theme over here (since that's probably all I'm doing in California) and of course Olivia picked a perfect drink!


Hello there everyone!
My name is Olivia and I blog over at Olivia.Dee.
I cannot even express to you how excited I am to be a guest post for Kristin!
She's one of my favorites... and we haven't even met... yet. :]
Kristin, bless her heart, asked us to write about our favorite drink.
She mentioned it did not have to be alcoholic... but of course, mine is!

It is no secret that I love me a beer or glass of wine at the end of a rough work day.
But my heart and my liver, really loves itself a dirty martini or two (or three).

I had forgotten about my love for this drink until I ordered the Lake Shore Martini
at the Signature Lounge in Chicago this past Spring.

And ever since then... they have become an almost weekly tradition.

I love these drinks oh so much.
Vodka, not Gin.
Three olives, not two.
And it's always better if they are stuffed with blue cheese.
Cause then really, they become a meal and drink all in one!
Seeing as I like to get the most bang for my buck... it really is just quite perfect!
So there you have it.
Nothing fancy, just a good ol fashioned dirty martini.
Every Friday.
Won't you enjoy one with me?

Monday, June 18, 2012

guest post :: eat, drink, be a tourist.

Kelsey is kicking off my guest post series while I'm living it up in California for a while!  You've probably noticed Kelsey around here before from my Tourist Tuesday link-ups with her.  She is a girl after my own heart with her love of travel, drinking, and generally being awesome.  Go check her blog out and start brainstorming where you'll travel to for Tourist Tuesday!

And thanks Kelsey for kicking off my guest posts and making drinking June happen :)


hello there skinny jeans & a chai latte friends! kelsey here from eat, drink, be a tourist.  you have no idea how excited i am to be taking over kristins blog today.  aaaaaand i get to talk about my favorite drink?  holy cow i can't control my excitement!

trying to think of what my favorite drink is was tough.  smoothies, coffee, beer or cocktails - there are so many choices!  ultimately, it came down to my favorite drink combined with my favorite atmosphere.  so in honor of "drinking june", let's get the party started.

there's nothing i love more than a good summer cocktail, especially when i get to drink it right on the beach.  my favorite?  drinking a coastal cooler on the deck at the beachcomber in crystal cove.  ahhh, the coastal cooler.  svedka citron vodka, bacardi limon, gran marnier, cranberry juice and fresca.  such a light a refreshing drink.  makes me wish i was there right now.  i mean, how can you beat a view like this?

the beachcomber is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in south orange county.  it's nestled in crystal cove, a sweet little hideaway right on the beach lined with beach cottages and lots of history.  the food is amazing and no matter what meal you decide on, you can't go wrong.  but their drinks are where it's at.  they have a great line up of fun and flirty martinis, smoothies, cocktails and coolers.  i highly recommend all of their drinks!

so the next time you find yourself in south orange county, head to crystal cove and check out the beachcomber.  grab a drink on the deck, enjoy a fantastic appetizer, and soak up that sun.  i promise, it won't disappoint! check out more on the beachcomber here & here.

thanks for having me kristin! can't wait until we are celebrating "drinking june" together here in california.  i hope you have been practicing (haha).

find me here: blog // twitter // pinterest // instagram

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Off into the sunset.


Well my friends, we are off.  We're headed to Georgia today for some family time and Fathers Day, then we're off on a plane to California to embark on our epic coastal road trip.  I've got some wonderful ladies doing some guest posts for me here and there.  I'll be off the blogging and email grid, but I'll most certainly be bombarding your instagram and twitter feeds!  Follow me if you want to virtually embark on my travels with me!  And trust, I'll be back with plenty of pictures, beer, and food to share with you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

food & beer friday :: a California beer.

I figured it was only fitting to feature a beer based out of California since we're making our way to the great state on Monday!

Yeah, yeah, I'm reverting back to my "light" beer ways, but you'll have to go beyond that.  Sierra Nevada Summerfest is a "pilsner-style lager."  It's definitely a light beer, especially for the Sierra Nevada brand.  It's a refreshing, easy-to-drink beer that is certainly a summer beer.  It definitely has a hoppy flavor, so don't try it if you're used to the Miller Lite variety.  The great thing about this beer is that you can typically find it in your local grocery store, unlike Victory Prima Pils.

[Go pick up this "crisp summer lager" immediately!]

While I'm not sure we'll make it all the way up to Chico, CA to visit the taproom and restaurant, I would definitely recommend a visit!  They put a lot of thought into their food using local, organic meats and vegetarian items that change based on the season!  Check it out.

Now let's talk beer and food pairings.  You know I am a simple girl.  One thing I enjoy about D being out of town is the fact that I can eat the same, simple meals day after day.  It may be simple, but why don't I break it down for you?

That's right!  Black beans and quinoa.  It's that easy.  I'm real professional over here.  Try it.  You won't be disappointed!

And there you have it friends...a perfect, simple, summer dinner.  Enjoy!

What is your favorite summer beer?  Or simple dish?

Link up my friends!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's a list.

Well it's that time.  Everyone is making lists/goals for the summer.  Work officially ended yesterday for me, so I'm feeling like I'm ready to make the commitment.  I sort of tried this last summer, dedicating myself to doing a few decorating/DIY projects.  Want to know how many of those projects I completed?  None.  I'm taking a different route this year.

I'm basing my list on my 101 in 1001 list.  My list needs some serious attention. In a sense I've started to feel a little defeated since there are certain items that just can't be accomplished.  In reality, that's no reason to give up!  I like a short list (to ensure, or closer to ensuring, success):

1.  Decorate ONE wall in my house :: Refererence #60 - Purchase a piece of art for our home

I'm thinking Instagram photo wall of some sort.  There's tons of other Instagram decor ideas out there though.  I'm planning to compile mine and D's insta-photos and go from there.  Even if it doesn't end up being insta-inspired, I'll count this as completed if I decorate just one wall.

2.  Volunteer :: Reference #38 - volunteer somewhere.

Since I work with kids on a regular basis, I wanted to take a step back from that.  

I want to do something where I get to be around precious little animals instead!  I've had my eye on volunteering at Safe Haven and just have not taken the plunge.  It's about time I take the focus off me, me, me.

3.  California :: Reference #67 - Visit 3 of the 1000 Places to go Before You Die  


I'm pretty sure our California road trip is going to check off a few of the "places to see" on the list.  We'll be hitting up the Pacific Coast Highway, Monterey Peninsula, Coronado, and wine country which are all included on the list.  

4.  Find a signature summer mixed drink :: Reference #90 - Learn to make a new mixed drink

[Strawberries + white wine]

This Strawberry Reisling Slushie sounds right down my alley, but I'm thinking something involving fruit and tequila!  (And if I get really lazy, I can always count my sangria as my summer drink!)

And that's that my friends!  Four goals (which I guess technically doesn't characterize this as a "bucket list"), two of  which involve no real effort.  I am planning to read, spend lots of time at the beach/pool, and keep working on my fitness!

How are you spending your summer days?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

european adventure revisited :: munich.

After leaving Prague, we took the train over the Munich.  It was a gorgeous day, so after checking into our hotel, we headed right over to get started drinking.

The Augustiner-keller Bier Garden was my favorite beer spots in Munich.  This place is all about tradition and customs.  The waitresses are dressed in the traditional German outfit that is often spotted at German beer festivals in the US.  If my memory serves, we got some pretzels and I enjoyed the most delicious sausage of my life.  If I ever come across a kasekrainer (which was NOT spotted on the menu and I might die if they don't have it one day when I return)  here in the US, it will totally break me from my vegetarian ways.  I literally spent the rest of our trip in Europe scouring menus for another kasekrainer.  Bailey, their menu made me think of you!  If you make it there, the menu has a vegetarian section (albeit consisting of only three things!).

We spent our first full day in Munich drinking doing sightseeing and drinking.  Definitely visit the Marienplatz, which is the central square in the heart of Munich.  Visitors flock to Marienplatz at 11 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm each day to watch the famous animated Glockenspiel (carillon) in the New Town Hall made of 43 bells and 32 figures.  

[Weiss Bräuhaus]


Time was spent searching out awesome breweries/beer pubs to try out.  We hit up Weissen Bräuhaus, and Paulaner, and Ayinger.

We started out second full day in Munich by visiting the Hofbräuhaus.  They have a restaurant as well as a museum that provides some history.  This is one of Germany's oldest breweries.  The building itself dates back to before World War II.  

Most of our time in Munich was gray and overcast, but it didn't stop us from exploring and spending time in the Englischer Gartens.

 [Yep!  Surfers!]

[The locals playing bocce ball!]

We had a wonderful time in Munich, but ultimately decided we had seen all the cool beer spots and wanted to head to Italy a day early (the gray weather didn't help).  Nonetheless, I would totally stop back in Munich on my next trip to Europe.

Pretty sure this is considered part of drinking June!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

life lately :: schools out for summer!

Technically my last day with students was Friday, and I still have three teacher work days this week.  My brain is in summer mode though!  D has been traveling like crazy, so I've spent most of June by my lonesome.  Trust me though, I've been keeping busy!

 [Wine + paint party for a co-worker // ootd for the party]

 [Trying this recipe]

 [Sushi date with D before he left me for a week]

 [I've been spending lots of time out on the porch with beer + blogs]

 [She's obsessed with me in the mornings]

 [They're HUGE!  Also Mr. Bojangles {the white Silkie} is holding back the crew from getting in the coop at night.  Super annoying.]

[Blood orange margarita at Jibarra // ootd for drinks with a friend]

Now this week will be spent packing and cleaning before heading to Georgia on Friday or Saturday and then Cali bound next Monday!

Linking up with Alli and Haley this week!



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