Friday, May 4, 2012

New Link-up :: Food & beer Friday!

In an effort to bring a bit more focus to this lifestyle blog of mine, I decided to think about some of the things I love most.  Travel, sure.  I don't get to do that enough as much as I want, and it can be a bit depressing to post about places I want to go but can't.  The only logical explanation was food and beer.  And I shall present:

That's right!  Food & Beer Fridays!  I plan to try and spot a beer or maybe beer company and/or a recipe of the week.  I'd love for you to join in!  Let me know if you end up linking up!  


This week's spot-light :

With spring's arrival and summer on the horizon, I'm ready to move away from heavy stouts and winter ales.  One of my favorite styles of the lighter variety is a pilsner.  Since my very favorite pilsner, Terrapin Sound Czech, was a limited time release, I have to stick with Victory Prima Pils which I can snag up all the time.

Pilsners are basically a pale lager.  The name originated in the city of Pilsen in today's Czech Republic.

To a newbie craft beer drinker (ie. those of you still choosing wheat beers over pale ales), Prima Pils may be a bit too much.  While pilsner beers are typically lighter in color, they have a strong hop aroma and flavor.  Victory's is loaded with German and Czech hops which lend to, in my opinion, a more prominent hop flavor than other pilasters I've tried.

As I am really no professional nor is my palate as developed as those other beer aficionados I know, I had to do a bit of research on the best food pairing for Prima Pils.  I'll drink it with practically anything, but it pairs best with spicy dishes based on the long, dry finish it gives.

Since I adore spicy dishes, I'm planning to pair my Prima Pils with Carrie's guacamole and some tofu tacos for the win.

[I made this at least five times last summer!]

[Also, I didn't do an official link-up here, but give me your feedback!  If enough people (I guess at least five?) show interest in linking up, I'll get a linky tool set up for next week!]


Kayla said...

I can't believe you got this together so fast. Count me in for next week. And send me a beer pronto!

Les Stewart said...

oh, good idea. Also, as far as light lagers go I'm really digging New Belgian's Shift this summer.

Kelsey Cunningham said...

this may just be THE BEST! link up to ever grace the interwebs! lets go on a beer drinking trip across the USA!

Kristin Miller said...

I will link! I make guac 5 times a WEEK in the summer!!! Love it thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

Jamie said...


Josie said...

This is SUCH a fun theme! Love it.
xo Josie


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