Monday, May 7, 2012

Life lately :: According to my iPhone.

Thanks for all the love in regards to the new blog design (and grabbing my button!  I'll be sharing the love once I set up my blog roll this week) and the new Friday link-up!  You guys are pretty awesome :)

While I've been trying to survive the chaos and remainder of the school year, I've been trying super hard to just enjoy life and the small things.

 [Soaking up the sun for the 30 minutes of recess is the only time I have to myself most school days...necessary for sanity]

 [Discovering the garden sandwich at Capital Club 16...amazing]

 [Wicked on opening night at DPAC...for free!]

[Rocking a favorite new sheer $10 top for a beer festival]

 [First time for an accent nail]

 [Had to celebrate cinco with margaritas and mexican food]

[After a foiled beach trip, I did a bit of drinking and reading in the sun back in Raleigh]

Hoping all my weekend drinking will help me make it through these last 23 days with students...wishful thinking.  Cheers to a good week!

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Bonnie said...

Love that you are rocking the accent nail. It looks pretty!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

Wow! 23 days. You can do it!!!

Brittany said...

Love all the pics girl, your nails are adorbs and I can't think of anything better then reading and drinking in the sun..definitely on my to-do list for my days off this week.

Katie Price said...

God, I miss America! Not Miss America, but America in general.

Let's start over. Can we get a close up on your rings?! They are beautiful! As is the margarita.. *sigh.

And I totally used recess as tanning time every once in a while!

Stephanie said...

I'm in love with the redesign. :)

Ro said...

1. That sandwhich looks BOMB.
2. That margarita looks BOMB.
3. That beer looks BOMB.
4. I like to eat and drink.

You can make it! 23 days! Then you'll get your lovely California vacation :)

Shannon said...

Kristin...just came across your blog. I was totally drawn to the posts with all the killer quotes from Pinterest. Especially the one you posted about a month ago about choosing to be happy and complain less and all that jazz. LOVED that, and totally pinned the crap out of all your cool quotes. Your blog is rad - tis' unequivocal! :) Officially following. :)


Anna said...

I saw Wicked last year and LOVED it!! It was awesome.

Also, loving your nail polish big time!

@emllewellyn said...

Your nails!!!

I love love love this blog layout. Big thumbs up.

kim @ a positive peace said...

ooooh i looooveee wicked! saw it on broadway friend won the "lottery" so we got tickets for $25! i also had read the book so i really loved seeing it on stage!

also, i commented on twitter/instagram somewhere, but LOVE the nails!!

& summers almost here! summers almost here! i told one of my teacher friends today i can feeeeeeelll it. i know because now i dont necessarily mind the weekends ending (blasphemy i know!) because it means that the end is near!! :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

LOVE the accent nail! i like the color you chose! so cute! love your adorable blog!

im having a fun giveaway on my blog, check it out!

xo Kelly

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics:)

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