Monday, May 28, 2012

Life lately :: There's been a lot of drinking going on.

How is it already practically June?  With that said, the days are slowly, steadily going by until school is over.  I've been doing lots of drinking, eating, and trying to fit in spring fun before the heat hits and it's summer.

 [Terrapin pint nights with D]

 [Breaking out the rain boots not often enough]

 [Party outfit for the Bee Ball]

 [Yeah, we won free carrots at the Bee Ball, no big deal]

 [Another try at homemade salsa, and I'm going to say it was a SPICY success!]

 [More poached egg obsession :: Avocado on toast with arugula + egg]

 [A round of tequila shots (my favorite) for the birthday boy!]

 [A glamour shot for the 28 year-old]

[Private brewery tours that I've done one too many times.  But I am excited about a special Terrapin cask coming to Raleigh that was spotted!]

 [A few too many margaritas and a bit too much food...but never enough time with friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Athens, GA]

 [Back in Raleigh for crowded pool time...worth it]

[Pooltime essentials]

Now we're busy waiting on sangria to "ripen" (yep, another version with peaches, pears, and kiwi!) and tuna steaks to be thrown on the grill with asparagus and corn.  That's a BBQ for a pescatarian :)

Hope everyone has enjoyed/were lucky enough to have a fabulous three day weekend!  Bring on 8 more days of school!

Super thrilled to link up with Haley AND Alli this week!


Unknown said...

Can I have your life? Jealous! (maybe not. but in the post absolutely!)

A Refreshed Take Off

Britta Marie said...

i love those purple hunter boots! i've never seen them in purple before.

do_it_ajen said...

I love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! One of my top 10 favorite books of all time!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Are those purple hunters I see? Gorgeous. What a fantastic time. Ripened sangrias are the best.
Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

Jeni Q said...

I absolutely love your blog! So glad I randomly came across! You've given me inspiration to document my local summer beer tastings too ;) (will that give me an excuse to go more often?! I think yes!)

New follower =)

Anonymous said...

Yo girl, drinking is a-okay! ;) Looks like a great weekend!

Keep Shining,

Anonymous said...

Ok, I LOVE that you won free carrots! How cool is that?!?! :) Thanks so much for linking up! Come back every other Monday! Have a great week friend.

Jo said...

Damn, it looks like you guys have all the fun! I'm jealous.

Hayley said...

Thanks for linking up with Life Lately! Looks ilke you have been having some fun lately, and I loooove those Hunters!!

The Weekend File

Jennifer said...

A tree grows in brooklyn is one of my favorites:) So sweet. Love that hat too!

Stephanie said...

Your pescatarian bbq sounds delicious!

Also, I'm a big fan of those purple Hunters :)

Emily @ Emmy June said...

I love that we are both obsessed with poached eggs! Annnnnd, I heart chai lattes. I drank chai tea like a mad woman in India. SOooo yums :)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

i just finished dinner and this made me hungry and thirsty all over again- what a fun life you have! and tuna steaks on the grill... yum!

Claire Kiefer said...

Yay for lots of drinking! Although I put myself on a liver cleanse after this past weekend. My oh my. I'd hate to see the total amount of alcohol I consumed between Friday and Monday!

POOLS! Can't wait.

Unknown said...

I love that fedora! Where did you find!?

xo Your newest follower, Georgina

Sierra said...

Mmm that salsa looks amazing and I LOVE Hunter boots. I've always wanted a pair of my own after visiting Alaska. Glad you are enjoying the drinks lol I am a light weight myself so I'll live through you. ;)


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