Monday, May 14, 2012

Life lately :: Bites, chickies, & sadness.

D was out of town a few days this week, so I wasn't super productive this week.  I had another pretty shitty week at work, so I spent quite a bit of time drinking and coping in the best way I can.

 [I had a whole month of noting things I'm grateful for as part of my mini-happiness project]

 [The sadness :: North Carolina passes a constitutional amendment allowing discrimination and hate.  It literally makes me sick to my stomach that my state will allow hate to continue to grow in this country.  Not me.  I voted no.]

 [Stocking up on delicious beer at Tasty Beverage Company]

 [See that bruise?  Yeah...that's a bite mark made by one of my students.  Can't imagine it's look if it wouldn't have been made through my pants...]

 [Our baby chickies graduated to the outside coop this weekend!  They're huddled in a tiny corner of the massive coop/run we have for them.  They're still learning...]

[Grilling out fresh fish, from our local seafood market, asparagus, and pineapple on a beautiful weekend]

When the week days suck, we have to make our weekends worth it.  Trust me, this weekend was worth it.  We spent Sunday with plenty of friends and stuffed full of mexican food and margaritas.  Game of Thrones is the best way to end our Sunday.  I am hoping this week will be full of good things and happy thoughts.  Until the weekend comes again where I don't think twice about returning to the work week #thewayitssupposedtobe

I'm linking up with the adorable Hayley today!



Katie Price said...

Oh no! I'm so sad to hear that the amendment was passed. I get really worked up over marriage rights. Not many things make me angry, but the hate living in people's hearts towards the LGBT community is definitely something that sets me off because it is only hate that would cause someone to get up and vote that their neighbor cannot marry who they love.

And what's up with your vampire-esque students?

Glad you had a good weekend to help counter-balance the rest.

Oliviaaa said...

i feel ya! i can't wait till the weekend again. but... it's only Monday. yikes.

Danielle said...

Looks like those chickadees are getting bigger!!!

I also voted no, and it makes me SO SICK that people heard "ban gay marriage" and automatically thought it was a great idea. This amendment is about so, so much more than same sex marriage! I take (little) comfort in knowing I live in a county (mecklenburg) that had more people oppose the amendment than in favor. Still- so heart breaking...

Hayley said...

Thanks for linking up! We will figure out what everyone likes best and be back to a regular link for the next round! I just wanted to ask readers what they would like to see before I went and changed it! Love your blog name (some of my favorite things too!)


Ro said...

I'm diggin the fishy pineapple happy face :) We grilled last night too and there was definitely some aspargus on that grill. So yummy!!

Sorry you're still having a rough time at work. Atleast you are a few days closer to summa time :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I couldn't agree more about the weeks vs. weekends. I'm SO OVER SCHOOL. Basically all I'm interested in is wine. The kiddos are out next Thursday, and it can't come soon enough. My oh my.

Meghan said...

Your weekend sounds amazing. Grilling out is one of my favorite things to do, and I need more of it in my life. I am SO over my school year too!

Jo said...

Gees, girl, that grilled food looks amazing! The hubs just said the other day that we need to get us a grill.

kim @ a positive peace said...

omg!! i thought my kids were crazy!! at least they're not biting me!

sorry you had such a crappy week but i love that you kept track of thinks you're grateful for! helps keep things in perspective!!

here's hoping this week flies by!!


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