Friday, April 6, 2012

Fresh start.

It's time for me to turn over a new leaf.  I complain a lot.  I talk a lot about figuring out things that make me happy.  I'm consistently feeling like I'm in a rut.  The reality for me is that I can not change things.  There's plenty of quotes over on Pinterest about changing things to be happy.

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

I can't change the "big" things in my life, the things that occupy much of my daily time and my scale of happiness.  I can't change my career.  I can't change my loan debt.  I can't change my income.  I can't travel all the time.

What I can do is change small things in my life.  I can change my mindset.  I can be happier.  I have the freedom to be happy (and I'm brainstorming a new tattoo to make this a daily reminder).  I truly do not think I will ever be 100% happy if I can't learn how to make happiness, not stress and frustration, a daily part of my life...through the best, worst, and not-so-good times.  Now I don't want to get ahead of myself.  When I was teaching middle school, I started adopting a mindset of positivity every morning.  It worked...for about a month.  It's time for a new plan, a fresh start.

Time to use these five simple rules for happiness.  In order to not overwhelm myself, I'm employing Gretchen Rubin's (author of one of my favorite books, The Happiness Project) method of having a monthly goal.

Starting immediately after spring break (April 9), it's time for my own mini-Happiness Project.

  • Yoga - at least 3 mornings per week
  • Gratitude/quote journal - record in it prior to yoga

D ordered this awesome boxed yoga set for us recently.  I did the am Gentle yoga last weekend and loved it.  I've been going to beginner yoga at the YMCA since January, and I love it.  It's become a relaxing, calming way for me to start the week.  I think hope that the am yoga is going to be the perfect way for me to address the happiness rule #2: Free your mind from worries

[via Amazon]

I know the gratitude journal seems cheesy.  It's just that all of these great quotes, mantras, mentalities just slip my mind so quickly.  It's time to change that.  It's the perfect way to set my intention and end my yoga practice in the morning.  It's a way for me to maintain my mindset because I can carry it with me.  Whilst researching a gratitude blog, I did come across this little gem...

It's a really cute app that let's you record five things per day that you're grateful for.  It is designed in the cutest way!  I may use it temporarily since 99 cents is cheaper then $12 for the physical journal.  I do think I will invest in the journal if I can maintain this goal.  

Tell me, what keeps you happy on a daily basis?


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I needed this post this week! Time for me to buck up and get positive!

annelise said...

Oh, me too, me too. I don't mean to be negative but I've been forced to realise lately that what I say does have negative connotations and I don't like that at all. So I will join you in the new leaf challenge, I think.

I've tried the gratitude journal thing before and I lasted three days but I like the idea of adopting a positive mindset each morning. Like starting the day with conviction, I guess.

It's a good reminder, I think. Can't hurt to re-evaluate these kinds of things every now and then.

meghan said...

I feel like I wrote this. You're reading my mind. I always feel like I'm in a rut and want to change so much too...I think the idea of changing your mindset is good. I love the idea of the gratitude journal. I need something like this to keep me thinking positively.

Anonymous said...

I kept a gratitude journal in college - I wish I still had it! It seemed silly at first but it really helps you keep things in perspective.

Megan said...

The gratitude journal isn't cheesy! I will have to check it out! Also.. I couldn't comment on your post about tattoo ideas because I was reading it on my phone, but I really like your feather idea.

Claire Kiefer said...

Thanks for telling us about that app--I'm gonna check it out. Even if I use it for only a week, I think 99 cents is totally worth it. I've been wallowing in the frustration of my broken foot, but there really is so much to be grateful for.

I did am yoga for a while a few years ago and it really was delightful (although it's super hard for me to commit to getting up that early). I think that I'll try starting that up again once my foot heals.

I'm grateful that: my foot situation is temporary, my sweet boyfriend who is taking such good care of me, our upcoming Easter weekend getaway to Mendocino, my family, and little things that make me happy like coffee, wine, nail polish, etc. :) Oh and blog friends!!! :)

Katie Price said...

I love the idea of a mini-happiness project! I've been wanting to read the book; I need to get on that.

My desktop this month says "Do More of What Makes You Happy" too!

~visiting from #FF!

Lacey in the City said...

I think this is a great thing - cheers to you on making steps in a positive direction for your mental health's sake. It's so important!

Meghan said...

I came across your blog from Meghan (little girl in the big world) and I adore this post! I am downloading the app NOW! I so need to share my gratitude more often!

Sierra said...

Sounds like a great plan girl - you are entirely right - being happy is choosing to be happy. It's easy to dwell on the things that aren't right, but changing things and implementing things that you love is the right thing to do! Loved this honest post. :)

Ro said...

Hello! I was referred to your blog by my best friend Ashley @ House of Glass and I love it!

I love all of these sayings and quotes. I also have been trying to incorporate yoga into my weekly routine (currently only 1 day a week since I am also doing a running program and gearing up for a bootcamp).

Robin :)

whitney said...

yeah gurllllll

im so proud. i am so pumped you are doing this. can't wait to see the progress!

Oliviaaa said...

you got me into the gratitude journal! and i love it!


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