Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Late weekend updates.

You guys, this week has been busy.  We did have a pretty kick-ass weekend, which was the perfect way to end my spring break (41 days, 41 days of school left). (Oh, and you can totally see these in "real time" if you follow me on Instagram!)

 [This guy overwhelming my work space]

 [Trying to perfect the sock bun...not sure it will ever happen]

 [Layers, boots, and a messy room]

 [Beer, beer, and beer.  Think extreme...beer in tequila barrels.  Holy hangover]

 [I started my mini-happiness project early]

 [A million cuddles with my favorite]

 [Amazing bike ride to Tasty Beverage for beer, cheese and crackers.  Guarantee I'll be doing this shit weekly.]

After such an amazing end of the week/weekend, I had to find a mantra for the week.  

To be honest, the beginning of the first day back to school was awful.  I almost broke down in tears.  It ended up being ok though.  I did start my day with yoga and really tried to focus on the positive.  I ended my day by winning something (I NEVER win) and coming home to our chicken coop!  More to come on the coop later!

Here's to a quick hump day and speedy Friday so we can start our weekend!


Meghan said...

I am so loving the gratitude journal, too! It is the perfect end to a day:) Hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

bananas. said...

i'm with meghan...that gratitude journal is such a cool app. i may need to follow your lead.

Katie Price said...

It is always so hard to get up in the morning after a break. You can start counting down the weeks till summer vacay now though!

The quote about not thinking too much is perfect for me. My husband would agree with that one.

Oliviaaa said...

i started the grateful journal too! thanks for the inspiration. and ummm... i can't wait to see your chickens!

Anna said...

Thank you for introducing me to this gratitude journal -- amazing!

kim @ a positive peace said...

Ahhhh today was my first day back after break...no tears but I think that's just bc I'm not coming in tmrw bc I have a job interview....lol! So, cross my fingers!! Hopefully week 2 back wasn't so bad!!

whitney said...

this weekend looks like it was the bomb.com.

i need to try the sock bun. should i just bite the bullet and cut a sock?? i thought i had a stray but they are all matched...

jessica said...

omg, our cats are TWINS!!! And mine (Moose) lays all over me when i'm on the computer too! I think he likes the warmth from the computer! Awww, I miss him- I had to leave him at home when I moved to Germany. Cute outfit too! Where did you get the denim top?



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