Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beauty routine :: Shower Essentials.

It's no secret I'm on a budget.  I'd rather spend my hard-earned money on travels or fashion.  I've recently discovered some items just make me feel better!  Luckily, these items can be found at my budget-friendly Target!

1.  Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & 2. Conditioner - I fell in love with Organix when we went to DC.  Our hosts had some in their shower.  I loved the way it made my hair feel all day long.  I was hooked.  The great thing is that you can pick these up usually at your local grocery store.  I linked my to Target, but personally I ordered mine from Ulta.  They were (and still are!) having a buy one, get one 50% off sale, which sold me.  Another positive I'll note about Ulta is that I also received Organix samples with each bottle.  I'm looking forward to trying a couple of other Organix products that I normal wouldn't buy.  As a rule, I think these retail somewhere between $5-$8.  I'm more than willing to dish out a bit more for the way these make my hair feel.

3.  EOS (Evolution of Shave) Shave Cream in Raspberry Pomegranate - Another amazing Target find.  It's only $3.50.  It has an awesome pump and comes in a plastic bottle (thank you no more rust rings!).  You can use it for a wet or dry shave (you know those mornings I decide to wear a skirt to work but haven't shaved in 2 days weeks).  It's a creamy lotion-type cream.  I can't say that I have irritable skin, but I've never had a problem with this cream.

4.  Up & Up Body Conditioning Body Wash with Shea Butter - I've never noticed a difference in using store brand body washes compared to brands like Oil of Olay.  I go for the bigger bang for my buck.  This bottle is between $2-$3 in my Target.  It's a creamy body wash that gets the job done.

There you have it!  My shower essentials that are easy on the wallet.

What are your favorite shower necessities?  

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Anonymous said...

Organix is a great line! I've loved all their products I've tried.


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