Monday, April 9, 2012

Closet craving :: Spring to summer.

Last year I was feeling pretty new and improved after losing weight while training for my half marathon.  I stopped wearing so many dresses/skirts and started rocking more shorts.  I'm feeling the same short vibe again this summer.  Since I'm on a never-ending budget, I've got just a couple of cravings that may cost a bit more.  I have to be practical when making purchases that have a larger price tag.  Here's a couple of items that are going to take me easily from spring to summer (and a one even into fall).

Scalloped Shorts

This girl can not will not even dish out that much on shorts that may not carry their trend over for the next three years.  I'm digging this whole look though.  

These are definitely more the price point I'm looking for; however I'd love to see them prior to buying.  They are listed as being polyester, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I'm leaning more towards the J Crew pair.

White Blouse

Now this, I'd be willing to dish out the money for.  I only wish I could afford one in white and another in the coral color (I need way more color in my wardrobe).  Taylor recently posted about how to style a white button down.  She got me thinking this is something I desperately need to invest a little money towards.  

I've been lusting over Equipment since I spotted this blouse a while back.  In my dreams...


Kristin Miller said...

I've been wanting a white blouse too, but I feel like I would look like a little kid in that style! (5'2", flat chested lady here!). Scalloped shorts look CUTE!

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

i love the scalloped shorts trend. i saw some at forever 21 a few weeks ago- you should check there!

Chandra said...

Those shorts need to make their way into my closet! *love*

Claire Kiefer said...

You know what? I actually love the cheaper shorts more, cause I don't like the pleats on the J.Crew ones. I think it's too much with the scalloped edges! Which are adorable, by the way.

I could never wear a white shirt. I'd spill coffee/wine/etc. on it within five minutes.


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