Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where's that light again?

You know...the one that's supposed to be at the end of the tunnel??  Today with the kids made me want to rip my hair out.  I usually don't share too much about my teaching experiences, but it's a huge part of my life right now.  It has been extremely hard for me starting into this "game" mid-school year.  Don't get me wrong, this is what I want to do.  There are days when I just get the feeling of this is where I am supposed to be.  Then there are days like today that make me wonder if I can really do this.  Can I really manage the behavior and discipline of these kids??  I keep thinking that next year is going to be so much better...I'll have some actual educator schooling under my belt and will be able to start brand new with my own rules.  It's so close to the end of the year.  8 DAYS!  I can make it.  Part of it is definitely my fault for no properly planning my lessons.  I just have not had the time since I've been administering the standardized tests, remediating failed kids, and have barely seen my regular classes.  And this week has been super long.  It feels like Friday but it's only Thursday :(

Sorry for the rant.  I try to be more positive.  I think I'm getting to see KD today!  Yay!  Then I leave for Tampa tomorrow...there's that light at the end of the tunnel. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brain fart.

Overall, I don't know what to write about today.  I store some random topics on my phone, but I'm just not feeling putting any thoughts into them today.  I updated you yesterday about my new workout motivation.  I'm bummed that I did not get to go to yoga or last week because of school stuff (mainly the un-fun task of calling parents about their child failing state standardized tests).

One thing D and I have been brainstorming about is where to travel next summer.  I think/hope that we have a plan that one of us picks the destination for our abroad trip and the other will pick the destination for our domestic trip.  Of course this is assuming money is going well and we can afford an international and domestic trip per year.  I think this plan should work well.  A group of D's beer/work buddies typically take an international trip every year.  I am not getting reeled into doing a group beer trip every year.  I also expect that we'll be able to throw in some group, beer specific, and solo (with my girls or his guys) travel throughout the year as well.  Since I am not getting paid this summer*, I will start saving money in September for a house and travel.  I imagine/hope that we'll be able to plan for our next international romp for summer 2011.  I am making the decision that D planned the majority of our Europe trip [see Best Vacation] last summer, so I am planning the summer 2010 destination!  Possibilities include (but not limited to):


You may have heard about the ridiculousness going on in Greece right now.  I would hope/assume things would have cleared up by then.  I joked with D after we got engaged that we should elope in Greece.  Obvs didn't happen but I am still DYING to go there.


Spain and Portugal would be a wonderful summer trip! 


If the Euro is up again and flights to Europe are too crazy...I'm keeping Brazil as an option.

What are your international travel hopes?

*Have I mentioned that previously?  My county is on a 10-month pay period.  So I'll have two months that I am going to be broke after our elopement/honeymoon, moving, and party.

Random note:  Thank you so much to all the new followers :)  It's really encouraging knowing that people do care about/enjoy wasting time reading my blog.  I plan to do a shout out post to some of the awesome new blogs I've found through other bloggers.  Also, I'm on the search for a couple good teacher blogs to follow!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting back in shape :: The best motivation.


D and I have been going to the Y regularly for about a week (haha...not even yet I don't think).  I love going there.  It is a ridiculously nice Y.  I've tried the beginner spin class, and I miss spin!  I'm hoping to make it to gentle yoga on Wednesday.  I eventually want to try the kickboxing class.  Yesterday I started my strength training routine again.  I am super sore today!  I'm also planning to try my hand at training for a 5k again, so I ran two miles on the indoor track.  You know when you're sore it makes you feel pretty good about yourself.  You feel like the hard work you put in actually made a different and you'll see a lower number on that scale at the end of the week.  That's how I was feeling today.  I was administering a standardized test this morning and had a "proctor" in my class room.  Protor is just a fancy name for someone who sits and watches you give a test.  During one of the test breaks, the proctor was making general conversation with me regarding the test, teaching, school, where I went to college, etc. etc.  Then it happened.  She said "Are you expecting?"  Oh gosh.  What woman asks that to another woman??  I thought that was just understood.  You don't ever ask that.  NOOOOOO!  Obv I told her no.  She didn't even seem that embarassed that she asked.  I don't think she said sorry.  She just mentioned something about if I was she thought I would want to talk about it??  What? Why?  NO!  If I was pregnant and wanted to talk about it, I would BRING IT UP!  Today is D's birthday, but I tell you what, I'm getting my ass to the gym every other day this week and doing some mad ab work. 

And for the record, I've been working hard watching what I eat and working out.  Even before the Y, I was running again.  I hope by the end of the summer I'll be down by 5 pounds.  Although I haven't seen a loss again since I started running/watching what I eat.  Maybe I need to cut out the alcohol during the week again.  I've actually seen a gain.  I've been fluctuating about 2-3 pounds.  I'm on my period this week so it may be some water weight clinging on for dear life.  I feel confident though that I'm back in the exercise game.  If I go another week with a gain (although D and I are headed to Tampa this weekend to visit some friends and I know that will involve lots of alcohol and overindulgence...not to mention the ghastly idea of putting on a swimsuit again), I'm going to have to be more diligent in tracking my calories. 

*I tried googling a picture of "pregnant" or "baby bump."  Baby bump was better, but I was totally grossed out by the pictures of pregnant bellies.  There is an awfully distrubing one where you see a baby foot through the belly. Eww.  I opted to google "scale" instead

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to school for teachers...or dummies?

I've mentioned before that after I got my Masters, I vowed never to go back to college.  If you majored in some sort of social science major, you are most likely familiar with the ridiculous "ice breakers" and get to know you games that are a fad in college.  They make me want to barf.  I mean I hate them.  My hatred of any type of public speaking and general lack of caring to know anyone in my class that I didn't already know (I know you bawk at the fact that I work with people on a regular basis) pretty much attributed this annoyance.  Well...

Welcome Back!

And take a guess what my first two assignments are.  INTRODUCTIONS.  My first class is online, but the teacher insisted on making our first assignment an introduction.  Not only will we not meet these people during the short summer semester, but we practically have to write our life story.  One of the questions was "What movie or book would best describe you?"  Seriously?  You've got to be kidding me.  For my face-to-face class that starts in mid-June, our first assignment (we literally have to bring it on the first day) is a decorated poster about ourselves.  Our name has to be large on it, and it should be decorated with pictures and info about us.  Am I in kindergarten?  No one will remember/care about my poster.  Geez...welcome back to "college."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How are you watching Lost?

Obv I'm not giving anything away. We are doing up our final Lost
night with some grilling of Whole Foods halibut, asparagus, and pasta
salad. Complimenting our meal with some Terrapin. Then finishing it
off with some angel food cake, yogurt, strawberries, a bit of
chocolate, and whipped topping. Love. Hope I can wake up in the a.m.
for school!

How are you spending your final night with Lost?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting back in shape :: Finally.

D and I finally joined the Y. It has been amazing. It's not even a
block from our house. It makes it ridiculously easy go. I told D the
other day that I didn't want to move from our rental house (remember
it's tiny) just because of it's convenience to the Y. I wasn't
feeling going today and had decided I wasn't going to work out. I
never would have if I had to drive...but I did it. Just a 2 minute

It's been a ridiculous week at school. We've been in the middle of
end of grade testing, remediating (for those students that failed the
initial test), retesting, and finishing up the school year. Sorry
I've been out of the loop. I also started college courses this week.
The first weekend D is in town with nothing to do and I have a TON of
college work and grading to do. Plus I have to watch the finale of
Lost of Sunday. Yikes. 14 days left of school and I hope to be back
in the blogging game...

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Politics these days.

There's some ridiculous shit going on these days.  Oil spills.  Outed gay conservative ministers.  More Catholic priests molesting children.  Sarah Palin.

Since I have a 30 minute commute to school every morning, I listen to NPR.  I don't have time to watch CNN in the am, so NPR is a great way for me to keep up on my news.  One issue (that's a little old I know) is the Arizona immigrant laws.  So awful.  There's been a lot of feed back on the issue.  Of course, I can not agree with this blatant form of racism.   I'm disappointed that as a country we have not evolved beyond this point...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I rave and rave and rave about Gaga, but I'm not always the best at fully expressing the reasons exactly WHY I adore her.  Zachary is an up and coming 20something blogger living in NYC.  He blogs about all things 20something as well as GAGA.  He wrote this fab post on the influence and inspiration of Gaga.  Read.
One of my favorite statements:
"She makes me want to live my life in a way that money doesn't matter, titles don't matter, only expression, experience, and creativity matter."
Thanks Zach for expressing why we love Gaga.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Yesterday was my 100th post! Happy 100?  I need a margarita/wine/alcohol to celebrate :)  Keep 'em coming.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

School daze :: Algebra and inappropriate comments

Sometimes I wonder if I am really qualified to teach 8th grade math/algebra.  Seriously, I took Algebra in 8th grade (only because I was in the intelligent elite in my middle school...which literally meant that I made more INappropriate decisions when I finally made it to high school), but I definitely never saw an actual graphing calculator until at least 10th grade.  Maybe I just have the worst memory in the world...but I certainly don't think my Alegbra got this advanced in 8th grade:

As a reminder...I teach exceptional children/special education.  I have to literally review AND practice the math every night before I teach it to the kids.  Yikes...this stuff is intense.  Also for the record...I have never used any graphing of inequalities since high school/possibly my first semester of college.

Another note on crazy middle schoolers...they say the most inappropriate things.  I mean immaturity at its best.  They love to call each other "gay," which I am fundamentally opposed to and will not accept.  I started giving punishment every time I heard that.  So they decided to instead start saying "You're so 'g.'"  Luckily it has lessened.  They fart all the time (my last class is 8 boys) and think that's hilarious.  It's shocking the things they'll say loud enough for you to hear.  I blame it on all the rap music ;)  I'm ready for summer break.  I like the kids but I'm hoping for a fresh start with clear expectations next school year!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Living in Raleigh :: Baby Ducklings.

After our wonderful friends left town on Sunday (btw...we had such a FUN weekend with KayD and NK!), we went driving around for some errands and visited some of the lakes around Raleigh.

This is Lake Johnson.  It's awesome because it's like 5 minutes from our house.  We can even ride our bikes (omg, ghetto handmedowns until we can get quality bikes) on the greenway.  They have paddle boats, canoes, and even small john boats.  Pitfall is no big boats or swimming here.  The rest of the pics are from Lake Johnson.

Can you see the baby ducklings?!  So freaking cute!  I def want to take my sister to this lake if she comes to visit in the summer.

There's a variety of other lakes around Raleigh.  We're looking for somewhere to go tent camping this weekend with the dogs.  We want to camp while it's still warm during the day but not TOO hot.  Hope we can make it happen!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loving men dancing to Gaga.

As is typical, I've been awful with updating!  Let me tell you how ridiculous things have been at work/school.  We're getting ready for end of grade tests (not sure what they call them in Georgia these days).  That is just one of the many things I have going on...I'm starting summer school in May (online and then face-to-face).  D and I are trying to budget for the summer months when I don't get paid.  We also had some wonderful friends (our first Raleigh guests!) in town this weekend.

When I get free time, I try to write and schedule a bunch of posts all at once.  Enjoy this while you wait for more posts :)


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