Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Living in Raleigh :: Baby Ducklings.

After our wonderful friends left town on Sunday (btw...we had such a FUN weekend with KayD and NK!), we went driving around for some errands and visited some of the lakes around Raleigh.

This is Lake Johnson.  It's awesome because it's like 5 minutes from our house.  We can even ride our bikes (omg, ghetto handmedowns until we can get quality bikes) on the greenway.  They have paddle boats, canoes, and even small john boats.  Pitfall is no big boats or swimming here.  The rest of the pics are from Lake Johnson.

Can you see the baby ducklings?!  So freaking cute!  I def want to take my sister to this lake if she comes to visit in the summer.

There's a variety of other lakes around Raleigh.  We're looking for somewhere to go tent camping this weekend with the dogs.  We want to camp while it's still warm during the day but not TOO hot.  Hope we can make it happen!

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