Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting back in shape :: The best motivation.


D and I have been going to the Y regularly for about a week (haha...not even yet I don't think).  I love going there.  It is a ridiculously nice Y.  I've tried the beginner spin class, and I miss spin!  I'm hoping to make it to gentle yoga on Wednesday.  I eventually want to try the kickboxing class.  Yesterday I started my strength training routine again.  I am super sore today!  I'm also planning to try my hand at training for a 5k again, so I ran two miles on the indoor track.  You know when you're sore it makes you feel pretty good about yourself.  You feel like the hard work you put in actually made a different and you'll see a lower number on that scale at the end of the week.  That's how I was feeling today.  I was administering a standardized test this morning and had a "proctor" in my class room.  Protor is just a fancy name for someone who sits and watches you give a test.  During one of the test breaks, the proctor was making general conversation with me regarding the test, teaching, school, where I went to college, etc. etc.  Then it happened.  She said "Are you expecting?"  Oh gosh.  What woman asks that to another woman??  I thought that was just understood.  You don't ever ask that.  NOOOOOO!  Obv I told her no.  She didn't even seem that embarassed that she asked.  I don't think she said sorry.  She just mentioned something about if I was she thought I would want to talk about it??  What? Why?  NO!  If I was pregnant and wanted to talk about it, I would BRING IT UP!  Today is D's birthday, but I tell you what, I'm getting my ass to the gym every other day this week and doing some mad ab work. 

And for the record, I've been working hard watching what I eat and working out.  Even before the Y, I was running again.  I hope by the end of the summer I'll be down by 5 pounds.  Although I haven't seen a loss again since I started running/watching what I eat.  Maybe I need to cut out the alcohol during the week again.  I've actually seen a gain.  I've been fluctuating about 2-3 pounds.  I'm on my period this week so it may be some water weight clinging on for dear life.  I feel confident though that I'm back in the exercise game.  If I go another week with a gain (although D and I are headed to Tampa this weekend to visit some friends and I know that will involve lots of alcohol and overindulgence...not to mention the ghastly idea of putting on a swimsuit again), I'm going to have to be more diligent in tracking my calories. 

*I tried googling a picture of "pregnant" or "baby bump."  Baby bump was better, but I was totally grossed out by the pictures of pregnant bellies.  There is an awfully distrubing one where you see a baby foot through the belly. Eww.  I opted to google "scale" instead

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@emllewellyn said...

ps. I'm one of your random followers. Nice to meet you.

For what it's worth, you're not alone. I've been very carefully monitoring my eating and upped my activity like whoa (biked ten miles today)-- no change on the scale in three weeks. I think my body must just be so used to living with this extra weight that it can't possibly live without it, in spite of all the health consciousness.

You got this. A sympathetic web-friend is cheering for you!


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