Thursday, May 6, 2010

School daze :: Algebra and inappropriate comments

Sometimes I wonder if I am really qualified to teach 8th grade math/algebra.  Seriously, I took Algebra in 8th grade (only because I was in the intelligent elite in my middle school...which literally meant that I made more INappropriate decisions when I finally made it to high school), but I definitely never saw an actual graphing calculator until at least 10th grade.  Maybe I just have the worst memory in the world...but I certainly don't think my Alegbra got this advanced in 8th grade:

As a reminder...I teach exceptional children/special education.  I have to literally review AND practice the math every night before I teach it to the kids.  Yikes...this stuff is intense.  Also for the record...I have never used any graphing of inequalities since high school/possibly my first semester of college.

Another note on crazy middle schoolers...they say the most inappropriate things.  I mean immaturity at its best.  They love to call each other "gay," which I am fundamentally opposed to and will not accept.  I started giving punishment every time I heard that.  So they decided to instead start saying "You're so 'g.'"  Luckily it has lessened.  They fart all the time (my last class is 8 boys) and think that's hilarious.  It's shocking the things they'll say loud enough for you to hear.  I blame it on all the rap music ;)  I'm ready for summer break.  I like the kids but I'm hoping for a fresh start with clear expectations next school year!

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