Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting back in shape :: Finally.

D and I finally joined the Y. It has been amazing. It's not even a
block from our house. It makes it ridiculously easy go. I told D the
other day that I didn't want to move from our rental house (remember
it's tiny) just because of it's convenience to the Y. I wasn't
feeling going today and had decided I wasn't going to work out. I
never would have if I had to drive...but I did it. Just a 2 minute

It's been a ridiculous week at school. We've been in the middle of
end of grade testing, remediating (for those students that failed the
initial test), retesting, and finishing up the school year. Sorry
I've been out of the loop. I also started college courses this week.
The first weekend D is in town with nothing to do and I have a TON of
college work and grading to do. Plus I have to watch the finale of
Lost of Sunday. Yikes. 14 days left of school and I hope to be back
in the blogging game...

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