Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brain fart.

Overall, I don't know what to write about today.  I store some random topics on my phone, but I'm just not feeling putting any thoughts into them today.  I updated you yesterday about my new workout motivation.  I'm bummed that I did not get to go to yoga or last week because of school stuff (mainly the un-fun task of calling parents about their child failing state standardized tests).

One thing D and I have been brainstorming about is where to travel next summer.  I think/hope that we have a plan that one of us picks the destination for our abroad trip and the other will pick the destination for our domestic trip.  Of course this is assuming money is going well and we can afford an international and domestic trip per year.  I think this plan should work well.  A group of D's beer/work buddies typically take an international trip every year.  I am not getting reeled into doing a group beer trip every year.  I also expect that we'll be able to throw in some group, beer specific, and solo (with my girls or his guys) travel throughout the year as well.  Since I am not getting paid this summer*, I will start saving money in September for a house and travel.  I imagine/hope that we'll be able to plan for our next international romp for summer 2011.  I am making the decision that D planned the majority of our Europe trip [see Best Vacation] last summer, so I am planning the summer 2010 destination!  Possibilities include (but not limited to):


You may have heard about the ridiculousness going on in Greece right now.  I would hope/assume things would have cleared up by then.  I joked with D after we got engaged that we should elope in Greece.  Obvs didn't happen but I am still DYING to go there.


Spain and Portugal would be a wonderful summer trip! 


If the Euro is up again and flights to Europe are too crazy...I'm keeping Brazil as an option.

What are your international travel hopes?

*Have I mentioned that previously?  My county is on a 10-month pay period.  So I'll have two months that I am going to be broke after our elopement/honeymoon, moving, and party.

Random note:  Thank you so much to all the new followers :)  It's really encouraging knowing that people do care about/enjoy wasting time reading my blog.  I plan to do a shout out post to some of the awesome new blogs I've found through other bloggers.  Also, I'm on the search for a couple good teacher blogs to follow!

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