Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to school for teachers...or dummies?

I've mentioned before that after I got my Masters, I vowed never to go back to college.  If you majored in some sort of social science major, you are most likely familiar with the ridiculous "ice breakers" and get to know you games that are a fad in college.  They make me want to barf.  I mean I hate them.  My hatred of any type of public speaking and general lack of caring to know anyone in my class that I didn't already know (I know you bawk at the fact that I work with people on a regular basis) pretty much attributed this annoyance.  Well...

Welcome Back!

And take a guess what my first two assignments are.  INTRODUCTIONS.  My first class is online, but the teacher insisted on making our first assignment an introduction.  Not only will we not meet these people during the short summer semester, but we practically have to write our life story.  One of the questions was "What movie or book would best describe you?"  Seriously?  You've got to be kidding me.  For my face-to-face class that starts in mid-June, our first assignment (we literally have to bring it on the first day) is a decorated poster about ourselves.  Our name has to be large on it, and it should be decorated with pictures and info about us.  Am I in kindergarten?  No one will remember/care about my poster.  Geez...welcome back to "college."

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