Friday, May 25, 2012

Food & Beer Friday :: It's Hop Cubed!

Alright math nerds!  This week's spotlight beer is "hop cubed!"

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon is not necessarily a go-to beer for me.  After some thinking, I figured I needed to switch it up from the "light" beers I've been featuring.  Based on Terrapin's and our relationship with Heavy Seas (see Free Spirit and BFW), we have plenty of their beers around our house.  Perfect selection for my first real hoppy beer!

Loose Cannon is literally nicknamed "Hop Cubed" since it's hoped "three ways."  This American IPA is pretty delicious!  Don't be scared off by the hops though.  I'm not a huge hoppy beer fan; I'll take a malty stout over a hopped-up IPA any day.  Even with 3 pounds of hops per barrel, you'd be surprised at how drinkable this is beer is for the untrained hop tongue!  You'll never believe how well this cut the spice of my homemade salsa though!

As far as food pairings, Heavy Seas has a pretty kick ass recipe selection!

Since I love starches and could eat a pound of mashed potatoes, I'm going with the Loose Cannon Mashed Potatoes, which are complete with roasted garlic.  I promise, I had it the other night with my black bean burgers and super spicy salsa, and it was a perfect pair!  (Also, I think I'm the worst at beer pairing because I drink them all with anything and/or spicy foods.)

What's your favorite hopped-up beer?



Anonymous said...

That looks so delicious!!! Someday when we meet IRL, we must go get beer! You'll have to show me the ropes! =)

Keep Shining,

Anna said...

I seriously loooove your friday beer posts! I need to link up one of these days!!

And I actually really like Loose Cannon! My husband made me try it once and I loved it!

Oliviaaa said...

i can't wait to drink beer with you!

Claire Kiefer said...

Gosh those mashed potatoes look delicious.

I'm not into hops, but I'd be willing to trust you on this one if you say it's not too intense. :)

Britta Marie said...

I love this idea of beer posts it is very original! I do enjoy trying different types of beer but unfortunately in CR they really only have beer that tastes like Corona. Until my next trip to the states I guess! :)


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