Monday, June 4, 2012

All the pretty birds.

D is is prime time travel season.  While it may seem like all I do when he's gone is drink and browse the web, I do get out and about every now and then.  One of my favorite things to do is take out my bike on the Greenway.  Our house is about a mile from the actual Raleigh Greenway, and we have pretty large bike lanes on the main road where we live.

There is something about biking in itself that sort of puts you in the zone.   I never take music with me, so I'm left alone to my thoughts and surroundings.  The trail near my house is never busy (not even with the homeless).

I always see animals when I go out by myself.   Last time, I rode along side of a fox and saw a bunny.  There's the occasional scare when a scare runs out or bird flies across my path.

The Rocky Branch Trail portion is one of my favorite parts.  To the right is sprawling green fields dotted with rustic, hand-made fences.  There is even a picnic pavilion.  D and I must make a priority to bike out to this area with our picnic basket sooner than later.  There is never any people around this area.  I'm going to make a habit of my solo bike rides on greenway.

On another random note, I'm dedicated June "drinking June."

I'm going to have some awesome ladies guest posting for me while I'm on my California road trip about their favorite drinks (they don't have to be alcoholic!).  If you get the urge to post about some of your favorite summer drinks, bring it on!

PS. Don't forget my giveaway ends on June 6!


Danielle said...

Looks like an great place to bike!

Oliviaaa said...

how gorgeous! and good for you leaving the music at home. I dont want to ever be left alone with my thoughts... so i crank up the tunes!

Katie Price said...

Cheers to Drinking June!! I had a fresh Mango Colada yesterday that was unbelievably good.

p.s. I'm slightly jealous of that awesome biking greenway. Lucky!

Ash said...

ummm thats a terrible bike ride, isn't it? so green, and filled with wild animals- who would want to do THAT?!?!


i kid! but now im way pumped to do my guest post


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