Monday, October 17, 2011

Was it corny and mazey?

While in Athens, I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters.  It was definitely one of my priorities.  My grandma is so sweet and offered to take us all to a corn maze one night.  I think it was really fun for them.  I mean who doesn't love a corn maze/fall festival.  For $10 each, the girls were allowed to participate in all crazy activities.  This included a bouncy castle, a farm slide, the corn maze, a petting zoo, hay rides, and "hillbilly golf."

My grandma and I took up this opportunity to hang out and chat while M & MG played.  First we hit up the bouncy castle.  I was surprised it didn't last longer.  Then we headed over to the "farm slide."

Yeah, that's right.  It was a huge pipe that they slid down on potato sacks.  It's really the little things...they loved it.  After they got bored of that, we headed over to hay ride it to the corn maze.

[A very poor view of the corn maze]

 [M & MG hay riding along to the maze]

 [And off they go]

My grandma and I let the girls go in alone (there were workers supervising to ensure they didn't get lost), but I'm actually bummed I didn't do the maze with them.  M loved it, but I think MG got a bit lost inside which may have freaked her out a bit.  Grandma and I rode the hay ride around to pick the girls up.  Then we ventured over to the amazingly exciting somewhat lackluster petting zoo.

Those crazy animals just wanted to eat.  What you see is about all there were there too.  MG didn't really get too into that.  Oh we also watched a pig race, which mainly made me worry about how those little piggies are treated.  We rounded out the evening with what was dubbed Hillbilly Golf.

And you ask, "What the hell is hillbilly golf?!"  There you go...lanes set by pipes, putters are brooms, balls are plastic, and holes are buckets, toilet seats, etc.  It was interesting. 

Afterwards, we headed back to my grandma's for a delicious homemade meal.  Now that I live farther away from my sisters, I take advantage of every bit of extra time I can spend with them. 


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

This looks like such a fun day with family!!

naiad said...

great picks! it seems you have the best time ever!!!!!
you have such a great blog! i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!



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