Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Lately :: Fall loving.

I've been trying to make the most of fall and October.  The weather is starting to change and layers are becoming a necessity.  Here's a bit of what I've been up to...

 [Prepping for a card swap!]

 [NC State Fair!]

 [A weekend in Wilmington, NC for a beer festival]

 [Adult apple cider in my favorite mug!]

 [Boo ya!  Jack-o-lantern!]

 [Fall layers]

 [Back in Athens for a hot minute and friends' wedding]

 [Beautiful decor for the wedding]

[Curls + pink lips for the wedding]

 [Post wedding...Wild Rumpus at the Georgia Theatre!]

[Costumes provided by the wedding party]



Anonymous said...

love that fall outfit, it is beyond adorable.

perfect fall mug, and even more perfect with apple cider!

awwww fall weddings are always so gorgeous, those decorations are so cute!

glad you had such a great weekend,
new follower from Life Lately!


anna lizbeth said...

love all the photos!! I am now craving apple cider.. and a chai latte! annalizbeth

Andrea said...

What a great & busy weekend! Your apple cider looks so tasty! How fun for costumes at the wedding! I love your curls too! Have a great Monday Kristin!

kim @ a positive peace said...

i love the outfit!

i love those chalkboards at the wedding!! im not planning on getting married for awhhile but lately ive been becoming obsessed with wedding stuff thanks to pinterest and blogs!!

looks like a great weekend!! here's hoping this week goes fast! :)

Alex Byer said...

Love your pink skirt and your pink drink! You're the cutest. And these photos just scream fall!

Hayley said...

Such cute wedding stuff! I love fall decor!

Thanks for linking up to Life Lately!


Hayley said...

Such cute wedding stuff! I love fall decor!

Thanks for linking up to Life Lately!


Oliviaaa said...

adult apple cider!? do share! and can i just say that i LOVE that last photo of D!? cause i really do. :]

Cara-Mia said...

Your fall outfit is so cute! And I think an adult apple cider is in order over here...

meghan said...

This looks like the most fun! Your outfit is very cute. And what is that light pink drink. That looks perfect and refreshing, and I kind of want one now...

Jo said...

Let me just say that those booties are the cutest damn thing ever! I love them. And you styled them up right with the skirt and cardigan.


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