Friday, April 26, 2013

Food & Beer Friday :: In honor of Earth Day.

In honor of Earth Day last Monday, I knew this beer was the perfect choice.  It's another Terrapin!  Get ready, this is different than any of the other Terrapin beers I've featured.  

While I was rocking the Whole 30, I didn't partake in this delicious brew. My first time trying it was on our trip to the Outer Banks.  I drank the hell out of this beer while we were there too!

Terrapin Tree Hugger Ale is technically an altbeer, but you might be more familiar with amber ales.  This brew is light with only 5% alcohol.  While it's brewed with malts and hops, there is definitely not a bitter hop flavor coming through.  Tree Hugger is so easy to drink.  There's nothing crazy special or out of the ordinary about this beer, but that's why I like it.  This brew is light-bodied and simple.  

Why is this beer Earth Day friendly?  When you drink a Tree Hugger, you're helping support the Dogwood Alliance.  Terrapin partnered with the Dogwood Alliance and a portion of the proceeds from Tree Hugger go to supporting their cause:
"Dogwood Alliance mobilizes the public and exposes the truth about forest destruction to inspire individuals, communities, corporations, and government to take action. At the same time, we work collaboratively with industry leaders to put innovative business solutions to work that result in more protected Southern forests."
You can learn more about the Alliance and their mission here!

Let's finish with the most perfect beer pairing!  Go out and find this easy drinking beer as soon as possible!

Link-up and head over to Sarah's blog to see what beer she picked this week!


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

This sounds like one is really like! Have you had the Troegs Nugget Nectar? I've been loving that one lately and your description of the Tree Hugger reminds me of it a little!

Unknown said...

How am I just learning about a beer and food linkup? Two of my favorite things!!

Unknown said...

Whole 30 is up in a few days! Prepare to drink the hell out of this beer again - with moi.

Melissa said...

This one sounds great! I'm going to try and find it near me soon to try. I hope you get to enjoy it again once your Whole 30 is up!

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