Friday, June 14, 2013

Food & Beer Friday :: Flower child.

I'm still out of the loop.  To be fair, this week has been hectic and chaotic.  I'll bring a life lately update on Monday, but for now.  Enjoy this quick little beer spotlight!

I pulled one out of the archive from that Chicago trip that I've yet to recap.  Of all the drinking we did in Chi-town, I tried to drink only things that I couldn't access back in NC.  Half Acre Beer was a company that I really enjoyed.  One of my only regrets was that we didn't go visit the brewery.  On our last day of vacation, we picked up a four-pack of the Daisy Cutter to wind down and watch some of the new season of Arrested Development.

Half Acre characterizes the Daisy Cutter as a "west coast" pale ale even though it's brewed in Chicago. It's a perfect pale ale at 5.2% alcohol.  I'd say it's a pretty standard pale ale, but it's pretty damn delicious for something that's brewed close to you (we don't have a great pale ale brewed in NC in my opinion).  I'm always a big fan of canned beers, and this one hit the spot.  I mean it's nothing special like the Rosa was for me, but this would be a go-to if I lived near Chicago!

I'm keeping it short and sweet this week, but if you really need a food pairing check out last week's beer.  In the meantime, go see what Sarah chose to feature this week! Then link-up!  Link-ups will be open through Monday and you can link any food or beer post from the week.  Come join us!


Unknown said...

mmm, yum! This looks refreshing!

Heidi said...

Yuuuuuum! Adding this to my lookout list.

Unknown said...

Come back and we'll go to Half Acre! Did you ever see our outfit post as a tribute to the brewer on our tour??? He shushed us and we felt bad... LOL


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