Tuesday, February 4, 2014

snow day snippets.

Snow days in the south practically shut everything down.  In an insane turn of events, I got four days off of school.  Sadly D was out of town and I spent a lot of my time drinking bloody marys and cooking.  My favorite thing about having the days off (aside from not having to work) was daylight!  I leave so early in the mornings that it's dark, and this time of year it's still dark when I get home.  I took full advantage of the daylight and snow by working on my commitment to learn my camera better.  I tried to exclusively work in manual mode and practice my skills.  By the time we visit Spain in May, I hope to be able to feel confident in using manual most of the time.  I'm pretty happy with the snow day snippets I captured (full disclosure: I edited these with my free trial of Lightroom).

 photo 15a138e8-3ec7-43dc-b315-7055d1a362bd_zps73200039.jpg

 photo 4cb61c39-5a3b-45d8-aa86-6e4beec20ab6_zps63f1a866.jpg

 photo f09c4d83-26d7-4227-8f99-fe6a2d6afc3c_zps84f1970f.jpg

 photo d20d6068-81a6-4dd8-812c-cdc933a16749_zps4ea8de71.jpg

 photo IMG_2977_zps72a45146.jpg

 photo IMG_3030_zpsa1e3d843.jpg

 photo IMG_3033_zps84e5055f.jpg

 photo IMG_3035_zps84813e0c.jpg

 photo IMG_3036_zps3e2c6cbd.jpg

 photo IMG_3043_zps80a3a719.jpg

 photo IMG_3046_zpsafc9efff.jpg

 photo IMG_3052_zps203e87a2.jpg

 photo IMG_3060_zps8d6ca0f0.jpg

 photo IMG_3063_zps27715a0e.jpg

I get it.  Snow days down here mean two inches of snow, but as a year-round teacher I'll take four days off with no make up days.


Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

I hear ya about the daylight thing! There are many days I never see the sun--especially since my classroom has only 1 tiny window that faces a brick wall. Needless to say, I can't wait for spring! Your pictures look great!

Alex Byer said...

WOO! Those pups look like they're having a BLAST! Amazing photos, and so glad you got some time to relax :)

whitney said...

wait...spain in may? I am booking a trip there. when/where are you going?

ari @ whatarisaid said...

NO makeup days? Jealous! We have to make up 2 days and that makes me cranky.

Your pictures are looking great!

Ash said...

yay for days off! i dont think we ever get any days off here...? maybe if a big earthquake hits? so consider yourself a lucky ducky, my friend (:

stay warm.. and drunk!


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