Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 :: February commitments + March mini-goals.

I'm thoroughly enjoying setting these mini, monthly goals for myself.  They're allowing me to be mindful throughout the month, and I'm pushing myself to take steps and follow through with my yearly commitments.  Even though February was a short month, I was able to be overall successful with my mini-goals.


I did schedule a dentist appointment (March 12!) and have no idea why it seems so difficult to accomplish this.  There is something about insurance and finding providers (and inevitable bills) that make me avoid the process.  I mentioned that I started reading this book in an effort to research and understand yoga more.  I was able to snag another yoga book that I'm diving into this month.


I did sort of complete the Move, Nourish, Believe challenge.  Snow days threw me for a loop, but I am proud of what I did accomplish.  I never would have completed 5 minutes of planking if it weren't for MNB.  I'm making steps to establish a consistent yoga routine, and I consider that a success.  I was able to try hot yoga (not for me, although I do want to eventually try my hand at a different style of class) and find a local studio that I am in love with.  


With all the snow days I had in February, I had plenty of time to hang my framed photos.  To be honest though, I only hung one.  I framed the others and just need to figure out the arrangement on the gallery wall.  We finally got our new couch and had to do some furniture rearrangement, so that seemed to be enough for the living room for the moment.  Thanks to Anna, I was inspired to purchase this little convenience (but in a much prettier color!).  It was a perfect gift to myself!


The biggest fail of the month was the clothes donation pile.  I just got plain lazy and did not complete this.  I did start a book donation pile, so I plan to make this another mini-goal for next month.  I sent my just because card and enjoyed it so much that I'm doing another one next month.

Now for March...

March seems like it's quickly progressing, so I need to get on the ball with my mini-goals.  I'm not necessarily loving that 3+ goals are monetarily-related since finances can put a kink in completion.  I'm not going to let that get me down for now though.  After January and February successes, I feel confident March will work out too!

Have you thought any more about your resolutions since January?
How are you staying on track?


Unknown said...

I hate the dentist and totally understand delaying this process - but good for you for finally making an appointment! Good luck with the rest of your March goals!

Alex Byer said...

Oh good you got the strap!! It makes everything a lot easier!! Even though I still hit people in the face with my mat on the train haha :)

Jo said...

Way to go on your monthly goals. I've been working on some personal goals this year, sort of privately. And like your monthly goals, I have found that I accomplish more when I make a list weekly or bi-weekly and check them off. It's like bite-size goal setting.
Keep up the yoga!


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