Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life lately :: In betweens.

In between obsessing over planning and packing for our trip to Europe (which is officially only a week away!), I've been crazy busy.  I am working on a couple posts related to packing (in a backpack) for a two week hike+leisure jaunt through Europe, so let's just cross our fingers I find time for that.  In the meantime...

Drinking//Finally trying this coffee, ghee, and coconut oil latte the Eighty Twenty gals have been raving about!  And you know what?  It's pretty awesome!

Spending my time//with this little baby girl.  I'm already worried about how much I'm going to miss the kitties while we're gone.

Wearing//this Athleta Fast Track tank.  Aside from all the stuff I've wanted needed to buy for our Europe trip, I've been obsessing over this tank.  It's keeping me motivated to work out (and prepare for June's Esprit de She race)!

Reliving//our weekend trip to the beach.  It was the first beach trip of the season, and it may have been the best one.  D spoiled me.  I am still dreaming of that perfect seafood meal chock full of steamed crab legs, clams, and shrimp. And those raw oysters.  One of my favorite meals ever.

Stressing over//a book club/baby shower combo.  Between coming home from the beach and deep cleaning for a good few hours, shopping, spending, drawing, decorating, researching, gift planning & buying…my oh my.  My anxiety levels were off the charts (not to mention I was slacking in other areas of my life because my focus was elsewhere).  But I am pretty damn proud of this adorable mommy gift I put together.

Eating//Trophy Brewing.  D agreed to let me pick up a Trophy pizza and salad that I've been craving for weeks.  Week officially made!  Let's not talk about all those goodies I snacked on during teacher appreciation week.  Someone please send tips on how to get recommitted to fitness and food goals come summer!


Alex Byer said...

Wonderful wonderful! I'll have to give that latte a shot; for some reason it kind of terrifies me. Don't ask why.

Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

Got that tank from esprit de she too, and I'm loving it too!! Love the sticky dots at the bottom--perfect for yoga.

Christina said...

I love the banner! and Mommy gift!

Christina said...

I love the banner! and Mommy gift!


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