Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall capsule round-up 1.1

In an effort to document my capsule experience while not trying to be a fashion blogger (because I'm certainly not), I'm doing a weekly round-up of my outfits using my up picture snippets.

My lifestyle is very casual and easy. I literally have no dress code for my job and typically pair jeans with semi-nice tees. This works for me, and I love having a capsule full of casual pieces which can easily be worn from day to night and on weekends.  So far the most difficult part has been preparing for the 80 degree days we've been having in Raleigh.  I prepared my fall wardrobe with the idea of having plenty layers in mind, but I didn't consider a lot of warmer days.  Many of my pieces are thicker materials and long sleeves which don't fare well for hot days outside with students.  Raleigh is looking at another upcoming warm front (low 80s as the week progresses), so I'm interested to see how I'm feeling after another week of this.

After cleaning out most stuff from my closet (I just didn't feel the need to remove every single non-capsule item from my big bedroom closet), I will admit I was scared.  Those are the only shirts (plus two vests) I would be "allowed" to use for three months!  It's not pictured but I have my sweaters folded on the rack above, but this looked sparse.

[1.1 outfit :: Jean shorts//Gap | Navy tee//Gap | Green Workshirt//Madewell | Gray Sneakers//Converse | Tote//Madewell]

This was the perfect warm weather outfit for work and play.  It may even be one of my favorite pairing so far.  It's comfortable and easy.  My classroom stays freezing, and the workshirt was a perfect layer to keep me cozy inside.

[1.2 outfit :: Dress//Madewell | Leopard loafers//Target]

This was my first time wearing this dress, and I was a little unsure of the fit (the waist tie hits at an awkward spot for my body shape).  Before even walking out of the gym, I got compliments!  I continued to get compliments all day and my co-workers kept noting how cute I looked.  The compliments boosted my confidence in this dress and I styled it up with a simple gold bangle (like this one).  The con?  These loafers are probably a half size too small for my feet and after an entire day they really hurt me.  When you only have five pairs of shoes, size and comfort is key.  I may need to replace this pair (with these JCrew beauties?).  I am excited about styling this dress in different ways throughout the season.

[1.3 outfit :: Stripped dress//Gap | Studded booties//Target | Tote//Madewell | Necklace//Madewell]

This dress has always been a favorite of mine.  The sleeves roll and can be secured with a button, and the fit is loose.  The fabric is a bit thick for a warm, sunny day.  I dressed it up a bit with a pretty necklace and again got tons of compliments.  It seems when I'm true to my own style, people notice.

[1.4 outfit :: Plaid shirt//Madewell | Destructed skinnies//Gap | Studded booties//Target]

I headed out for some day drinking with D at the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival in town.  This outfit was so comfortable and easy.  I curled my hair and didn't need any additional accessories.  I adore this shirt because it's lightweight.  I rolled the sleeves for the day, put them down in the evening and layered with my favorite new jacket.  

[1.5 outfit :: Tee//gifted | Dark skinnies//Gap | Plum sweater//Gap | Gray sneakers//Converse]

This is the perfect outfit for a chilly Sunday of running errands (and picking up Chinese food to-go).  I love the long length and open-front of this sweater.  It's thin, so it makes it a perfect layering piece.  

I'm finding that my signature style is easy and comfortable.  I love adding a simple piece of jewelry to make an outfit look a tad-bit nicer especially since I don't spend time curling my hair on week days.  I am learning that my shoe choices may be an issue.  It's not quite time for tall boots+socks, but my Converses & loafers hurt my feet when wearing them multiple days in a row (it's possible my sneakers are a half size too small as well), and I'm still waiting on the arrival of my Vans sneakers.  I'm still looking forward to the variety of outfits I can mix and match though.

What is your style?
Do you wear some shoes for the sake of "style" even if the fit isn't perfect?


Heidi said...

I was reading about this capsule wardrobe concept about a week ago just after I had purchased my fall wardrobe. I realized, that without even thinking about it, I had chosen pieces that were easy to mix and match or layer with items I already have. I think I'm going to try this as I've recently felt annoyed with my wardrobe. The new items that I got are things that I really love. I just worry that narrowing down my shoe choices and tee and tank options is going to be a problem. I wear and tank or tee almost every day under whatever I'm wearing, so to limit myself on items like that freaks me out.

I definitely wear shoes that aren't quite the right fit if I think they are cute. It's really bad to do, but sometimes if there's a good sale and they don't have my size, I'll squeeze into a half size smaller. I suppose if I narrowed my wardrobe down, I wouldn't feel the need for all sorts of shoes, perhaps...

Alex Byer said...

Love love! I've been sending pictures of my outfits to my friends, but maybe I should start really documenting them more. I've found it a lot easier to get ready in the morning, and I'm rarely late now! Even this weekend, picking outfits for brunch and, later on, a fashion show, was so easy! HOORAY!

Unknown said...

I would say my style is preppy boho. It works for me! :)

Britt said...

I love this!
I plan to capsule over the next year and this is great inspiration!

Jo said...

If the shoes hurt it just ruins everything. That is one thing that I, too, need to work on. Finding good, comfortable shoes!
Love the green dress. So cute.

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