Monday, March 22, 2010


Again, I feel like I've been so disconnected from the blog and the internet world in general.  I'm trying to get adjusted to fitting everything in in my life.  Finally, I am taking a little bit of time to update on the elopement any honeymoon.  I won't, of course, go into all the details. 

We stayed Saturday to Saturday in Aruba for our honeymoon.  D's parents were so gracious as to allow us to stay at their timeshare there and provide us with flights.  We utilized a honeymoon registry, Honeyfund, which allowed us to do some wonderful activities and eat much more luxuriously on our trip.  Since we were a little more non-traditional with our honeymoon being before our party, we didn't get too many takers on that.  The people who did utilize that mode of giving were very generous.  We're so grateful for that.  It really allowed us to enjoy our honeymoon so much more.

We arrived on Saturday but our wedding was not until Monday.  We were able to explore and enjoy our first sunset.

Sunday consisted of a wonderful day by the beach in an effort to not get sunburnt before the big day :)

Then I will give you a few more unprofessional pictures of the wedding (seriously guys why does it take SO LONG for things to upload?! internet?  Although it has improved since I'm in Raleigh).

So this doesn't include any of the wonderful professional pictures.  These were just taken by the wedding planner with my personal camera.  I left the professional pictures with D for our party.  I'll have to tell the stories of my hair at a later date.  Looking at the pictures makes me so happy and gets me really excited about sharing all of our joy with family and friends. 

The rest of the time we basked in the idea of telling everyone we were just married and on our honeymoon.  We...

...went horseback riding in the National Park, to the natural pool and on the beach.  Loved.  But I was super sore the next day.

...went to a private, all-inclusive island for a day.  That's right, there was a water park.  We totally played in it.  All-inclusive food and alcohol.

...went ocean kayaking and snorkeling (didn't get pics of that).  But we ended the kayaking by going to Aruba's brewery for beer and lunch.  Probably one of my fav days!

...watched more sunsets.

...found a kitty (who was not feral as he/she appears in this photo) who loved us!  We gave her some milk and she was even waiting on us the next night.

...hung out on the beach.

...and ended our trip with the most amazing dinner on the ocean.

I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding or honeymoon.  Now I am seriously spent by putting up this long post.  I promise once April gets here, I am going to be much better.  Enjoy :)


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

your dress is beautiful!! looks like an amazing trip. glad you guys had so much fun.

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