Thursday, March 4, 2010

My bouquet of daisies.

Sorry I know I've been out of touch! I've had much less fooling
around time since I've been finishing up work stuff, trying to get
ready for Aruba, and trying to get ready for moving! Sorry! I really
appreciate new followers of my blog :) I promise to do some shout outs
when I have more time!
Today was a BIG day for a couple of reasons...1) it was the last day
of my job! Honestly that's been really surreal. I think it'll only
hit me on the 14th when I'm headed to Raleigh and not preparing for
another Monday at the office. I'm really going to miss some of my
cases and definitely my co-workers. It's the end of an era!
#2...D and I technically (but not officially) got married today! I
was looking at it all as just a paperwork step in the marriage
process. We didn't want to technically get married in Aruba because
of the increased cost and hassle. This was just easier. It ended up
being more than just paperwork. We invited our fams since they
weren't going to be able to be part of the ceremony we're doing in
Aruba. Needless to say, there ended up being lots and lots of
pictures. What a long, but exciting day!
Also, D brought me a bouquet :) he's so sweet.

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