Thursday, February 25, 2010

That's right!

That's right...if it's one thing I can't's people dishing out $1000 on a "purebred" dog or cat.  Shelter animals are so awesome!  Seriously, the best pets I know of (including my own) are from shelters.  Now this obv isn't to say that all shelter animals are awesome.  I can understand if people have allergies to pet hair and whatnot...but there are always rescue agencies.  Just think of all the animals that die every year, or how many you could have at least helped, when you're dishing out the bucks for a purebred.  

* And of course, no real offense to those reading who have purebreds...but I do judge you.  And there is no way that you can convince me that it is better or smart to dish out that much money for a pet when there are so many available in shelters.


Sarah M said...

I could not agree more!! My brother keeps talking about buying a random rare purebred dog (the type of breed I can't even pronounce) simply because it's "exotic" -- I'm in love with my old rescue boxer and I have this convo with him all the time.

This Little Girl Dreams... said...

I couldn't agree more. Pet store dogs come from puppy mills and the poor babies come with so many health problems! I wish that the government would make a law about this because really it isn't right that so many animals get euthanized because of over population. &&& I loooove your blog. Skinny jeans and a Chai latte!?! You are my soul sister. I heart skinny jeans and I love Chai except I love them as fraps with extra whip yummmmm


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