Thursday, February 18, 2010

One day.

We're going to buy a house.  It's sort of a scary idea to me.  The idea of committing myself to a place to live long term.  The financial commitment to actually buying a home.  Add in the fact that we will be low-budget home buyers.  All of Sarah's posts about interior decor really got me thinking.  I've never been a decorator.  I have a hard enough time putting together trendy outfits everyday.  Decor is not my forte by any means.  As is fashion.  I like to just steal outfits I see.  I guess I don't have an eye for these things.  Anyway...this deisgn*sponge post really got me excited about re-doing rooms in a REAL HOUSE.

Here's the before kitchen:




I love the new kitchen!  It's so simple and really reassures me that you can have a wonderful, small kitchen.  Love the stainless steel appliances.  Love the colors and chalkboard.  Definitely all super simple and makes me feel more confident about my lack of a "decor eye."  I love it.  Looks like we may start searching for houses sooner than later :)

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