Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sorry! I'm just overwhelmed at the moment.

So my wonderful friend, CAP, pointed out that I have been a bad blogger lately.  I realize!  I just feel like I have 5 million things on my plate right now.  Speaking of CAP, she surprised me with a wonderful necklace closely resembling this one:

The necklace she actually got me is much cuter though (wtf!  Why wouldn't Forever 21 have it on their website??).  It has little "pearls" on the belly and "diamonds" for eyes.  I love owls :)  But many thanks to CAP for making my day!  Apparently they're really trendy right now because Forever 21 website had like a million of them.  

Anyway, D and I are in the process of apartment/house hunting.  This is really a stressful process in general, but add in our VERY TIGHT timeline (I need to have a secured home by March since we leave March 6 for Aruba and don't return until March 14...um I start my job March 15), along with paying double rent since we don't know when/if we can sublease the Athens house, and limited budget (again, double rent, plus elopement, plus wedding planning).  Ok...just mentioning all this is actually starting to overwhelm me again and bringing on the migraine.  That's just one thing on my plate.  

So I neglected to mention that we're moving to Raleigh.  I'm actually REALLY excited about Raleigh.  I'm hearing so many great things about it.  People tell me that it has a "small town" feel with the benefits of living in a city (um, Whole Foods here I come).  I'm just ecstatic to finally be moving out of Athens.  I'm really thrilled about being able to explore and discover a new place...with my new husband ;)  Oh and can I please tell you how happy it made me to go to the Visit Raleigh website and see that they have an entire section on GLBT travel.  OMFG!  They love the gays in Raleigh!  And so do I!  Maybe I can find a fabulous gay, lesbian, or otherwise friend!  Love.  And I'm finally slowly coming to the end of my current job.  Love even more.

Ps. doing a terrible job maintaining my workout regimen.  Let's face it, I have no motivation whatsoever.  I should start rewarding myself.  Ideas & tips that help you stay on the work out track?

Pps.  did actually reward myself for nothing other than a hard, long year at my current job.  With what?

These Hunter boots that I've been longing for.  Got them for almost half price on ebay.  Finally.  I didn't want regular ole black.  Purple wasn't my first choice...but the best I could do for now.  I'm content.  They're cute. Looking forward to rocking them on snowy (haha maybe) and rainy days in Raleigh :)

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Unknown said...

There really is not enough joy spread to the body parts below the knee. Socks, shoes, boots, they should be infused with the laughter of 1,000 giggling babies.
Wait actually, that sounds creepy. Never mind that. My point is I like your boots. Go you.


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