Friday, February 12, 2010

My feet are numb.

It's been a long day and a half. For real. We made our way from
Athens to Raleigh last night arriving at about 10:30. I drove the
whole way. I never realized how much longer the trip seems when you
don't read and browse mags and surf on my iPhone the whole way.
Fuck. It felt long. I passed out.
I got up early (ok not that early) this morning to head to my school's
board of Ed to sign paperwork. I'm officially going to be a teacher
on March 15! And have health insurance still and etc. etc. I have a
badge! That must make me official.
Then on to the house search. Ugh, it's been extremely long and
tiring. It's frustrating that we don't have another day here to shop
around a little bit. We have our last viewing at 5:30. We'll be
between that place and another apartment that we found on a whim.
We'll see. We're leaving with something locked in, no doubt.
Ps. it's cold here and again I packed inappropriately. I was trying
to look a little nice to sign my paperwork. I brought some dark jeans
and a nice blouse and cardy. Well I also only brought one pair of
shoes. My Tory Burch flats. FML. My feet have been fucking cold and
numb all day. If we go out tonight, I'm fucked. Where are my uggs
when I need them?!
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