Sunday, February 21, 2010

Perfect Sunday.

...well aside from my dog shitting in the house for a second time this
year. Seriously. But on a much happier note, we slept in today. D
made a kick ass breakfast as usual. Roasted potatoes and egg,
mushroom, onion, & black bean breakfast burritos. I went to yoga at
the Y. I forgot how much I really love yoga. It stretches you in all
the right places while centering and relaxing you. I'll def be
hitting up some yoga classes at the Y in Raleigh. It was an hour and
a half long, which I wasn't expecting. It gave me just enough time to
come back and shower and head to the Taste of Athens. In short, it an
awesome event where local restuarants and drink companies come
together and give samples of foods and drinks. An easy way to get
full AND drunk ;) oh and to taste amazing food. It's probably one of
my favorite Athens events. So I got deliciously full. They also have
a silent auction in which the proceeds go towards helping a local
community agency. And we (meaning D) bought our first official piece
of art! It's a beautiful sketch that reminded D of one of our fav
bars in Brugge, Belgium. It's framed and matted. They said the
retail price is $250 (which come on we would never be able to buy in
at least 5 years time), but we got it for $80 total. I'm so excited
to one day make it a focal point in our living room. Pretty pleased
with my day...except being reminded that the weekend is over and it's
back to work. My busy life resumes, but trying to take in the small
things to keep me grounded. Here's our art...

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