Monday, October 18, 2010

One of THOSE days...

Do you ever have one of those days?  I'm pretty terrible about keeping my feelings bottled up.  There is something about not wanting sympathy from others (or the fact that I complain enough as it is?).  I don't even tell D a lot of times when things are feeling tough for me.  I'm a cry-er.  It makes me feel better to cry.  It's like my form of venting without spilling to people. 

This month, couple of months, has been weighing down on me.  I don't feel like I'm taking enough time for myself...but I don't feel like I can.  Tonight was a much needed time to take a break.  I didn't come home and do grading or lesson planning.  I came home and watched some tv.  I ate some and relaxed a tad bit.  It didn't help all the way...

I ended up reminiscing...longing.  The screen background on my laptop is a picture of D and I in Switzerland.  I was left longing for that month in my life back again.  That was truly one of the happiest times in my life...a month doing my favorite thing...traveling...our only worries being money to make it through but living on bread, cheese, and sliced meat.  Exploring, drinking, sleeping in.  I want to re-live that time in my life. 

Sometimes I wonder why I can't channel my pent up stress, frustration, sadness into something beneficial like working out.  I need a life break. 

In an effort to try and drown out this feeling from one of those are a few pictures that make me swoon...

[Have I told you that I am obsessed with Chuck Bass?  There's something about that bad boy attitude that is amazingly sexy]

[Who comes up with these cute little things....??]

[Sorry for doubling up on the Gossip Girl pictures....but nothing makes me much happier than Blair, Serena, and seeing them in Chanel, etc. etc.  Oh and I totally completely want Serena's body]

 [Um...if this does not make you crack even a tiny're not human]

 [This, my friends, is exactly what I needed to see]

All images via weheartit.


annelise said...

I have those days. I think everyone does. I hate the feeling of not having time to myself, but I also border on spending too much time alone, so it's a funny thing to find balance with.

Last week, it had been three years since I was strolling around the streets of Rome. It made my feet terribly itchy.

I hope everything calms down for you and you find some balance. x

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

LOL! No worries. I have one of THOSE days all the time.


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