Friday, October 8, 2010

Ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Because I AM still alive!  I've been so busy catching up on all of your blogs, I almost forgot to update mine!  Well thanks for all your sweet comments on my last posting.  I did make it through the storm even with an additional kink.  I told you I was heading back to GA for my friend CAP's - now CAPM - wedding.  Well we made it down and back alright.  I'll even provide proof with a picture...

[Image stolen from KD since I can't upload my pics at the moment...or obv I would have included myself actually looking at the camera]

The wedding was beautiful and CAPM was gorgeous (and she's celebrating her honeymoon in Mexico as I type!!)!  I hope it was everything she wanted!  And I got to catch up with lots of old friends.  But we jetted out of there so soon to get back to NC.  I had the tingling of a sore throat coming on that Sunday which manifested itself into a big, ole, ugly cold by Monday morning after 4 hours of sleep.  Fml.  I made it through school ok only to find out that the only day D could find someone to help him move our furniture to the new house was Tuesday!  So my week turned into one long, sick, sleepless, stressful, nonstop, body aching week. 

On a positive note, we are practically all moved into our new house!  Mad props go to D, who is amazing, for doing 95% of the moving himself while I was at work and sick (which I couldn't even take a fucking day off work).  We also had like zero boxes, so D had to pack, move, unpack, and go back (got that?).  We still have to clean up at the old place, but it's nice to be sleeping in our new house so soon :)  I love it there.  I can't wait to actually start getting settled in, unpacking, and putting things in their proper places. 

Point being...I made it.  I'm currently in the NC mountains for a beginning teachers retreat.  Hopefully normal life with semi-resume next week when I return.  My goals are to 1) make it to the gym at least twice (good considering I've been once within the past month probably), 2)clean the old house and be DONE there, and 3)keeping my head above water trying to juggle everything school-related and personal life.


Kaleena J. said...

Hey! I just went to one of my friend's wedding and they are going to Mexico as well!! Weird!!

annelise said...

Congrats on moving in to your very own home!! How exciting. I hope you have, or are going to, popped a bottle (or two) of champagne to celebrate.

Boo for being sick though :( And bigger boo for not being able to take time off work to get better in peace and quiet. Hope you're feeling better! Enjoy your weekend and I hope the retreat is not all work and just a little bit retreaty.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh yey congrats on finally moving in to your new home. Get well soon sweetie.


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