Tuesday, November 2, 2010

As if we all haven't noticed the onslaught of political ads...

It's that time of year again.  Election day!  Just a reminder to inform yourself about the candidates in your area and be a good American and go vote!

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After the demise that was yesterday's post, I decided I wanted to go back to a year ago and see where I was.  Wow.  It's amazing how things change in one year.  I wasn't married.  I was still fervently looking for a job.  I had just gone through a strenuous process to get accepted to Teach for America only to get rejected. I remember the exact moment that I found out.  I got the email on my phone.  I remember the feelings.  I remember the frustration of feeling like I let D down.  I remember not knowing what I would do next.  Then a few months later, I got a job offer...teaching.  I wish I could send a letter to Teach for America telling them to go fuck themselves.  I won't get started on that again though.  As much frustration that middle school is causing me right now, I really am so grateful.  Goodness knows if I was a part of Teach for America, I'd probably be stuck in a middle school for two whole years.  If I don't switch schools until next school year, at least I have the ability to do it.  We were able to move out of Georgia and I fell in love with Raleigh.  I'm so happy to be able to spend our first winter/holiday season as newlyweds in our new home.  I hope we can spend a bit of money on clearanced xmas decor at Target (because let's face it, we haven't even unpacked...we won't be focusing on xmas decor this year)!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some snow here too :)

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jne said...

If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, check it out too, for super cheap holiday decorations.


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