Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 :: In review.

Cue the typical 2010 reflection post.  I don't even care.  It's wonderful to go back and reflect upon all the exciting things that happened this year!  It was a huge and exciting year for D and I.


D and I started off the year right with "No-meat January."  Above are a few of the dishes we made.  January was a good month of eating healthy, working out, and wedding planning.

We also received and mailed out wedding celebration/announcements this month!  I was FINALLY offered a teaching job and in North Carolina!


D and I started house/apartment hunting in Raleigh this month.  I already started slacking on working out!  I did have my Bachelorette Party (which for some reason, I CAN NOT find pictures from!  Ladies, email them to me if you have them!).  Sadly, some of my lovlies did not get to come, but it ended up being a wonderful weekend in this little cabin...


This was the biggest and busiest month ever!

 On March 4, D and I got "married" at the court house.  He bought me a bouquet :) Quotations on married because we don't officially consider that our wedding day.

We spent a wonderful honeymoon week in Aruba and had our private ceremony on March 8.

And then literally the day we returned from our honeymoon, I trekked it up to Raleigh, our new home, in a packed full car with the kitties.  We roughed it in a cold house with no furniture for 2 weeks.  See above...the kitties curled up together on our trusty air mattress. 

Finally, I drove back down to Athens for the next two weekends to plan and participate in our wedding celebration on March 27.  What a month :)


D made his official move to NC!  And I got in a wreck and got a new car...

We had a crazy, unpacked house.  I was still loving life and my new job as a teacher.  I made some healthy goals I didn't follow through with, gave into a fad, and gave my two cents on quite a lot of subjects.


D and I went on our first camping trip in NC in May.  It was relaxing and wonderful...although we definitely left the sleeping bags at home.  Haha :)

We also celebrated D's birthday and spent our first weekend on the NC beaches. We finally joined the YMCA too!


Honestly, not much happened in June.  I was ready for school to get out, sad from not having enough money for anything.  We were still just getting to know Raleigh.  And so began the summer of no pay!


We continued to beach it up on weekends at the NC coast and celebrated the 4th of July at the Raleigh fairgrounds.

My sister came to visit me in Raleigh, we had friends visit us in Raleigh, and D and I braved it in the woods with his grandparents.


I celebrated my birthday with D in Roanoke, VA.  We started looking at houses, and I started getting my classroom ready for school!


We found our house and started getting things in motion!


CAPM got married in October and I ran my second 5k with my new friend JA.


D and I made some really delish meals, I finished my first puzzle (in a very long time!), and had lots of new developments on the work frontier.


This deserves a separate post in itself since I haven't updated in a bit, but the highlights include...

 Making pizza and having fun with friends back down in GA

 Our first white Christmas in GA since the 1880s!

 D's parents' barn...such a beautiful sight.

 Merry Christmas to me...I finally got my wedding tattoo :)  At this point is wasn't healed and my skin was irritated from the tape.  Already brainstorming my next one!

 Shared wonderful drinks and time and...

 ...bonfires with more friends in Athens

And I re-taught/learned how to crochet.  My grandma Wall would be proud.

Such a wonderful, exciting and fun year of many firsts.  I'm a lucky girl.  I can't wait to see what this next year brings.  I'll be updating my 101 in 1001 list soon!

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such a fun & eventful year!


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