Monday, January 31, 2011

January, goodbye. February, let's call this a fresh start.

January 2011 has been a shitty month.  It's unfortunate really.  I wanted a great start to this new year.  In spite of all my gratitude this month, it's time for me to vent.  Terrible/annoying/frustrating happenings of my month:
  • Two major breakdowns related to work
  • Constant overload of stress related to everything piled on the plate of my life
  • Not being able to close on our house (not for good, just this month)
  • D's car breaking down on his way to Athens
  • Ridiculous unexpected costs related to fixing said car
  • Mounting frustration in my job and not being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel
  • Snow days that end up equating to more work for me in the long run
  • Inconsistent running due to said stress
I feel like I could go on further, but I'm afraid I'm becoming redundant.

[New day, new month, new beginning]

So I'm wiping the slate clean and starting over.  Tomorrow begins the fresh new month of February and I intend to embrace it head on.  I still have just as much on my plate, but I need to focus on the positive.
  • We WILL close on our house this month 
  • The month of love and almost marks one year of marriage for D and I
  • Tax returns (fingers crossed)
  • Praxis (teaching test) scores (although this could be good or bad)
  • Stout fest at the Raleigh Times on Valentines Day...what better way to spend Valentines than with a grilled cheddar, avocado, and tomato sandwich, huge salad with the best balsamic, and Terrapin Wake N Bake
  • Registering for my first 5k of 2011
It's time.  I am starting to consider getting the 30 day shred which I hear so many people talk of.  I'm not seeing too much weight loss with my running and think I need to devote more time to toning.  If you've tried it (or have another cheap DVD/program you use), let me know.  I'm still going to maintain my gym membership, but figured I may be more efficient with toning at home.

February, let's try this again...


@emllewellyn said...

I love any fitness dvds with Ellen Barrett. I have her Pilates CRUNCH dvd which is so much looooooove.

Jillian Michaels is legit, though. This cannot be denied.

Good luck. So so glad to know we aren't all alone out there, right?

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Hope feburary is better for you! You should buy yourself something cute.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Feb has to be better!

Valerie said...

I'm sorry you had a rough month! I have a good feeling about February though. Hope things get better!

this free bird said...

Girl how is February? Any better yet? January was a total biznatch. I hear ya on that one.

Now regarding the shred: I've done it twice and it's totally worth it. I'm SO out of shape and in 5 minutes am starting No More Trouble Zones.

It'll be my second time. And I have got a lot of trouble zones to contend with. Hoping I can get out of bed tomorrow...



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