Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I can see it over the horizon.

Spring break that is!  I am beyond excited!  This is going to be a much deserved and needed break.  The show begins on Saturday.  After throwing around some prices, we decided to commence with the proposed road trip from spring break!  It's going to be a bit cheaper than flying, and with some unexpected costs occurring next month as well as two weddings, it'll be best to reserve flying somewhere for a later date.  D had the brilliant idea of lining up some of our friends to house sit, which will save us about a hundred bucks in boarding costs.  Yay!

We're planning to leave on Saturday, and here is the tentative line-up.

Saturday to Monday:  PHILLY!

D has been to Philadelphia, but I never have.  I'm excited for him to take me to some cool eateries and beer bars.  I'm excited to have an official Philly Cheesesteak and visit some popular landmarks.  If only I could capture a picture as cool as the one above!

Monday through Wednesday/Thursday:  NYC!

Neither D nor myself have been!  We're not staying long enough to do/see near the amount of stuff we want to.  Send recommendations!  We'll probably try to catch a broadway show.  I have to check out Central Perk Park.  Who knows what we'll find to do in the city that never sleeps.  We're hoping to meet up with some long lost friends!  Seshie?  Will you be there??  Also, any recommendations as to where to keep our car while in town?

Thursday to Friday:  BALTIMORE or DC!

I'm not too sure which we'll stop.  We'll hammer out those details this week.  It'll be a one day thing since we have to be in Virginia (Harrisonburg) for a beer festival on Friday.  We'll spend the remainder in Harrisonburg and probably return to Raleigh on Sunday.  Then I have a day to recoup.  I'm so excited to road trip with D (AND in his NEW CAR!) and explore some of the north. 

Blogging will be nill next week (and so will the shred! uh oh...), but I'm hoping to find some cool running spots.  Then when I return shredding and half training are on hardcore!


Marz said...

I'm SO jealous of your amazing Spring Break plans! Man I miss having a spring break :( My sisters and I will be in NYC at the end of this month and I'm SUPER excited! It will also be my first time in the Big Apple :) So you must tell me all the cool places I need to see and do :) Have a fabulous time on your road trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Olivia.Dee said...

Your trip sounds amazing! I haven't had a true spring break in 5 years. holy heck!!! I'm going to live vicariously through your break... if that's okay with you. :]

meghan said...

This sounds like an amazing trip! I LOVE NYC! It's one of my favorite cities. As far as recommendations, make sure that you go walk around soho. The shopping is amazing, and it's a lot less overwhelming than 5th avenue. You'll find but little boutiques and paperies that you'll love. Go to Crumbles cupcakes or Billy's Bakery for wonderful cupcakes. If you like sushi, nobu is amazing but a little price. it's iron chef morimoto's restaurant. Walk around and try out a cute restaurant you find. It's so fun to walk in somewhere off the street and find the amazing places that exist just randomly. Go to the James Beard website for a list of recently nominated James Beard award restaurants. The meatpacking district has the Gansevoort, which has a fun pool to go to if you have time to lounge. You should go to the met just to say you've experienced it.

Oh goodness. You'll love it!


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