Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will the real weigh-in Wednesday please stand up?

I wasn't going to weigh myself today after the spring break trip and all, but since I've jumped right back on the working out wagon, I figured I'd go for it.

I'm down .2 of a pound!  Haha...while it doesn't sound like isn't much, I'm thrilled that I didn't gain weight from the trip!  It's doubtful that I worked out anything gained during the trip in two days.  There is something to be said for trips that involve lots of walking (haha, but come ON, we all know there is also something amazing to be said for sipping cocktails on the beach).  I'm happy that I'm not back to square one (although I'm still not too far from that square).  I didn't take my measurements because I didn't have time.

Now come on...I'm not trying to look like her, but I want to get into that swimsuit from J Crew in the bitter citrus (yellow) color! Love it!  I'm rocking the Shred with Level 3, day 2.  So far I am loving level 3.  I need to prepare to move on from there.  Recommendations for what to move on to?  Couch to 10k is always getting me really excited about running.  I can't wait to schedule my first 10k in July! 


Tara @ Dashing in Pearls said...

Hey gorgeous! Great job on not gaining!

LOVE that swimsuit! I love everything from J. Crew though!

You have to do portfolios?? That's crazy. There are only certain grades that have to retake their tests if they don't fail (5th, 8th, and 11th I believe). This is the last year for that because they're changing the whole testing system next year so I' not sure what will happen.

Are there any fun places to see/visit in NC? I've never been. I really want to go to a beach, though.

this free bird said...

GO GIRL!! I am in the damn dust on L2 Day 8. I might need to stay in L2 a couple days beyond 10 just to make sure I've gotten everything out of it. I'm actually loving the way it's working on my body...midsection is TIGHT. WOOT!!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

That rocks!!!! I'm going back to do the shred again when I finish I think we should switch and you should try Ripped! ;)

annelise said...

It's always the best surprise to return home after holidays weighing less than when you left! Well done.

As for this 30-day Shred, I think I need to check it out. Can you notice a difference in your body? This past year has not been kind to me and it's time to sort things out. I've been riding my bike but if the Shred makes a real difference, then I'll be on it too.

meghan said...

Yay! That's a great feeling! Knowing that you don't have to start over again is fantastic! Being back doing the shred is awesome. And I love that bathing suit. I also like the twist bandeau top. I don't own a bathing that I would wear, as I haven't wanted to wear one in a couple of years. I should get one this year. And I should stop stopping the shred when it makes me gain a couple of pounds. Yay! Keep it up!!


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