Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can't stop, won't stop.

Whew!  Knock on wood...the computer/internet is working, and I have time to update on a few things!  I know you probably follow me on Twitter and have heard about how busy we've been every weekend.  Between school coming to an end and traveling, life has been madness for me lately!  Let's back track to around D's birthday in late May. 

We decided to go camping at the beach.  Camping can always be unpredictable with the dogs and all.  That trip was crazy.  We got eaten alive by massive mosquitoes and horse flies.  We did enjoy some wonderful beach time.  It was nice to be able to bring the dogs with us on the beach, and I got to visit the beach where I'll be running my 10k in July!

[Campfires are mesmerizing]

 [This guy was slowly coming along.  He got out of the way before the dogs discovered him]

The next weekend we celebrated D's birthday on Friday.  I got him a sweet gift he wanted.  We went to eat at Poole's Diner in Raleigh.  If you're ever in Raleigh, you MUST try it.  The menu is revolving based on fresh ingredients.  They post the menu on chalk boards.

[Pimento cheese, which I normally hate.  This has aged sharp cheddar and is delicious]
[My softshell crab, which I am obsessed with.  It was amazing!]

That Saturday morning we headed to Athens, dogs in tow, to attend a wedding of a high school friend.  I got a little tipsy and we had a fabulous time.

 [Terrible pic of me (um, it was crazy hot in the chapel and this was the end of the night), but D looks so handsome here!]

We had another semi-relaxing weekend which I spent catching up on my college coursework and day tripped to the beach.  Then this past weekend, we headed down to Atlanta and Birmingham for my friend, KD(now S)'s wedding.  We had a fabulous time minus all the riding in the car within one weekend.  The weather ended up being gorgeous, and I got to catch up with some amazing ladies from college.  We were just missing CAPM!

  [The wedding was up the hill under the tower.  It overlooked a gorgeous view of Birmingham]

 [Crazy candids]

[Social work ladies!]
[So beautiful!  And oh yes I did wear the same dress to two wedding in a row.  I told you I'm on a limited budget]

I'm becoming more concerned with my dress, make-up, and lack of tan for both weddings after reviewing photos.  But hey, what is summer for if not working on my tan and slimming down some more!  I'm definitely looking forward to more down time for reading and updating the blog.  I'm updating tomorrow on the Blogger Book Swap I'm participating in with Claire!


Anonymous said...

I love the view from Vulcan! We looked at it for our wedding but the number of guests you can have didn't work. We got our engagement pics taken there though :)

Kayla said...

You look amazing first of all. So skinny and hot! I know it's been stressful but sounds like as much fun as you could have with all the stress.

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annelise said...

Nothing wrong at all with wearing the same dress to two weddings. It's so wasteful otherwise, isn't it? May as well get the wear out of it.

The bride's dress is really lovely too. Very pretty.

taylor said...

softshell crabs are my favorite!


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