Friday, June 17, 2011

Closet Craving :: More running gear

On my last craving post about running gear, I mentioned a doctors appointment to get my breathing in check.  I checked that off the list.  I complained about needing new shoes, and finally got these badass kicks:

[Nike Lunarfly+ for only $17!  Right in my price range!]

I haven't gotten anything else from that first craving post, but the doctor was most needed.  I still haven't gotten a really good sports bra for support, which I really need.  I'm definitely still craving the Garmin Forerunner.

[I'm sort of obsessed with the 405 version]

I hate the bulkiness of the 305 version.  I really just want to not have to carry my huge bulky iPhone on every run.  It would probably be beneficial to just get an armband to hold my iPhone, but why?  I want the Garmin eventually anyway.

So once I get the Garmin, I'm still going to need something for some music.  Here's where the trusty iPod comes in handy.

Yep!  That bad boy will clip on wherever and keep me motivated.  I'm just a runner that needs to have music.  I do want to try out an audio book, but those things are expensive.  I have one that I bought a couple of years ago for Europe, which I plan to try out on a run.  


[Nathan Quickdraw Elite - also 22-ounces]

Now that I am starting to fully run longer distances (averaging running around 4 miles per day on week 8 of Couch to 10k) and in the heat, I'm thinking water is a necessity.  I don't love the idea of having to hold something else or looking like a fool running on the streets with a water bottle, but I'm thinking well being here.  Obviously a 10-ounce would be pretty solid for a hot 4 mile run, but once I start training for the half, runs will get longer.  


  [Because I will!  Found here]

My pace is crazy slow these days.  It is still hard for me to get an accurate pace outside by just using my Nike+.  Today the app told me this today:

9:45 was my fastest?!  And I was in the green most of the way?  The red 37 was at the end when I thought I might pass out.  Nike+ told me the entire time that my average pace was around 13:00, so I was shocked to see that 9:45 holding steady.  I was creeeeeeeeping up the hills.  Anyway, I don't think any of this was accurate.  It is still safe to say that in the running world, I am definitely an "I'll get there eventually" runner (but still a runner nonetheless!).

And of course, I could always use more work out clothes from Target


Tara @ Dashing in Pearls said...

Love your shoes!!

Tyly said...

You got those super cute shoes for $17?!?!? Holy cow!!

Love the turtle shirt!

Megan said...

How on earth did you get those shoes for 17$?

May I recommend the new iPod Nano that clips on to your clothes? I love mine, and you can choose what you want to listen to in what order!

Samantha said...

Please tell me that was a typo and was supposed to say $77 or something. $17?!? I'm jealous.

I totally need that turtle shirt. hahaha. perfect.

this free bird said...

Okay wait a second. $17. Is that a typo?? Holy hell woman!

meghan said...

Those shoes are fantastic. Whether $17 or for them to ALSO be 17 makes them even better! I also want the watch. My iphone just turns off sometimes when I'm running and besides not having music it throws me off to not know my pace. And I carry water with me...I just bring a bottle. I try ti put it in the freezer so that it isn't hot immediately upon walking out the door. Usually it'll stay cool until mile 2 or so...

I'm not convinced on my Nike+ pace either...


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