Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A goal.

Due to the past two weeks happenings, I'm obviously a little off with blogging and definitely off with my 10 things Tuesdays.  Those posts can take quite a bit of time, and I'm still trying to juggle personal life amongst starting back to school.  I promise I have a running list of blog topics and will get to them eventually.

Since it is the beginning of August, I made a goal for myself.  In July, I finally read the Happiness Project.

Kayla had recommended it to me a while back.  Since I've been on a budget, I requested it from my library instead of buying it.  I wish I would have bought it (and of course it's on my Amazon wishlist now).  There were so many things I wanted to highlight and dog ear.  It was a wonderful read with lots of research, quotes, and tips for living life.  Anyhow, it inspired me to think back to my 101 in 1001 list.  I am planning to do a full review once I hit the one year mark of starting the list (September 1), but it has sort of fell to the wayside in my mind.  When moving, all the lists I had posted got taken down and never put back up to stay fresh.  It's time to change this.

The goal?  To complete at least five things off my list within the month of August.  Here are some I am thinking about making happen...

6. Get a new pair of glasses

 [Warby Parker Beckett]

And I couldn't get any other pictures to work.  I've been wanting some Warby Parker glasses for a while (or since Mayra sported them).  I'm thinking I could make the $95 happen with birthday money or by the end of the month on my next payday.

28. Make a photobook of Europe trip

This is totally happening.  I basically have the book almost finished on Shutterfly.  Now it's just completing the final touches and paying for it.

58. Go to the dentist regularly (every 6 months)

Don't judge me.  When I was on my parents' health insurance, I had always gone to the same dentist.  Once I got off, I didn't know where to start.  Then I moved to North Carolina.  This one is particularly important to me.  I need to ask around to friends and such who they use/recommend.  This needs to start ASAP.  I think I'm a little nervous about going back after not going.  But it's now or never.

85. Bake a new dessert from scratch

While I'm not sure either of these desserts are technically from scratch, I'd count them.  I typically shy away from making desserts at home due to the calories just lingering and waiting to make me fatter.  Regardless, it's something I've really been wanting to do.  I talk to D about it all the time, yet I still haven't done it.  Time to make this happen!  Also I'm trying not to pick five things that actually involve lots of money spent.

30. Make homemade sangria

I've talked all summer about making a homemade sangria.  It still hasn't happened.  It's happening this month.  Caitlin posted a super easy recipe that I hope to use!

36. Eliminate all clothes that I haven’t worn since moving to Raleigh and donate them

Gretchen Rubin talks about tackling a nagging task.  This is definitely one for me.  I started going through my clothes when we moved to our new house in Raleigh.  Yeah, that stack of clothes is still sitting on my chair in the spare bedroom.  I guess my problem is that fashions come and go.  There are a few pieces I can remember getting rid of and kicking myself when they come back in fashion.  I am not even going to try to tackle a closet makeover this month.  I just need to weed out a bit.  I keep a lot of clothes knowing how much money I spent on them and not wanting to "waste" that money.  At the same time, I'll get so much more wear out of pieces I love (and feel better about buying more) if I clean out a bit. 

So that's six options.  The most expensive option would probably by buying glasses (ugh or the dentist?!), so I don't have much excuse for the rest.  I got this!


Shannon said...

I am so going to buy that book. It has been on my list (rather loooong list), but you just convinced me to bump it up a notch.

I have been following your blog for several weeks now and am sorry for your loss.

I have been cleaning out my house (I said cleaning out, not cleaning) :), because my 2 stepsons (18 and 20) have just moved in with us. My 17 year old daughter is loving it-I'm still pondering. :)
It feels great to clean out!


Megan said...

Great list! Thanks for the book recommendation. I'd been looking for a somewhat spiritual type book to read that would help me be more positive and happy (not that I'm not happy.. I just sometimes turn into a Negative Nancy)

@emllewellyn said...

I <3 glasses. If $95 doesn't seem frugal, may I just recommend Sure, they're not name brand glasses, but they're inexpensive and most are designer knock-offs. I get compliments on my cat-eye shaped fake Ray Bans all the time-- and they were only $30!

meghan said...

Good list.

I had been so bad about going to the dentist until two years ago. And it took me two years to go through getting all the cavities filled (I would only do a couple at a time). As weird as it may sound, I would really recommend going to two dentists if you can, because I think my dentist ripped me off a little and told me things were cavities that didn't necessarily need to be filled at the time. Anywho, TMI, but I thought I would share.

And about the donating and getting rid of clothes, I'm right there with you. There are so so so many clothes in my closet that i don't wear that I don't want to get rid of because I'm afraid I'm going to wish I hadn't.

I also have a ton of stuff that needs altering. That should be on my list...


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