Monday, August 1, 2011


I usually don't make a big fuss about my birthday.  I'm not much into all eyes being on me.  I adore a good surprise (as you know) but not in party form.  I like a low-key dinner date and presents :)  My birthday will be in 14 days.  I'm lucky enough that this year D is forgoing the annual beer festival so I can spend my birthday not in a hotel room and surrounded by the beer industry.  In honor of the big 2-6, I figured I'd make a wish list.  I'm not fancy enough to put them all into one picture, so here goes a list.


[The 405CX with a heart rate monitor]

I've mentioned this a few times on closet craving posts.  I'd love to have it prior to the half marathon in November, but it's hard for me to think about dishing out that kind of money on one item.  I'm obsessed with having the heart rate monitor and something to accurately gauge my speed.  


I've loved Tom's for a while now, but again it's just not something I've dished out the money for.  I know I would get my money's worth since I'd probably wear them a ton to school.  I've been obsessed with the wedges since they first came out.  I remember having a conversation with BFW about how much I loved them but was curious about their comfort level.  She ended up purchasing a pair and loved them and their comfort!


Another thing I've been dying for.  I know I am going to need it with my increased running.  I even had a weird soreness in my lower back after running last week.  It went away after a day, but I can tell my body just needs some TLC. 


[The official sticker/magnet for my car]
[Running for Women by Kara Goucher]

[I love this Don't Stop shirt]

[GU Chomps for my half training]

I have officially become a crazy person.  I would have never thought I would actually WANT running stuff for my birthday!  It's not all fun (and admittedly I'd probably be a bit bummed if that was all I got), but I am excited about it.  Since I officially signed up for the Outer Banks Half Marathon in November, I really have to up my running game.  I want the magnet as motivation.  I've heard great things about Kara's book and have been dying to read it.  Since I rotate the same training clothes all the time, I'm dying for the C9 High Impact Sports Bra  ($18.99), C9 Reversible shorts ($25), and the C9 Singlet Running Tank ($9.99) And of course, I still haven't purchased anything from my last running wants list.  


[Different color that I love found here]

I've been wanting this bag for ages now....seriously since like 2008.  Nothing has changed.  I still want it, but I still can't/won't pay the price.  I guess I should considering I've wanted it for 3 years now.  I even remember having a conversation with BFW about this bag (which she later purchased in another color too!).

Now I'll be happy to pass on my shipping address and sizes ;)


Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

i found my garmin on ebay for waaay cheaper. it's not the newest model, but it works! i plan to upgrade to the 405 sometime in the next year or so...

oh and i LOVE that bag!!!

Megan said...

I didn't know Toms made wedges!!? You have awesome taste. I want everything you want, too. So if you get any extra, send them to me, mmkay?

Oliviaaa said...

i must say... i love wishlists! well.. .other people's wish lists to be clear. cause I look at my LONG one and am completely depressed. ANYWAY... that bag. and those pink shoes! i'll take one of each!

WannabeRunner said...

Hope you have a great birthday!! Love the bag choice. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh! My birthday is in SIX days! We're like twins :)

Mama Pea's cookbook is on my list!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a birthday wish list :)

Traveler24 said...

Can i just say that I love your blog :) I too will be the big 2-6 in a little less than 2 weeks and I would love to get a pair of wedged TOMS. I have the lace up kind and I love them!!!!

Look forward to your future posts :)


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