Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh January, the healthiest month for us all.

I've been all kinds of crazy pinning away on Pinterest (ok, I admit I got a little bored during my three week vacay...doesn't mean I was anywhere near ready to start back to school this week).  Why?  Because like the rest of America, I'm on a healthy kick.  We're doing No-Meat January, and I mentioned I am going pescatarian starting in February.  D and I started off the first week all healthy!

 [Mid-day gym time.  I'm going to miss it being deserted]

 [Wtf Garmin footpod?!  First time trying it on the treadmill.  I swear it told me I was doing 11min/miles!]

[Making veggie curry in the crockpot]

That was a final glorious week.  I'm going to miss that week.  Nonetheless, I took time to make myself a new training schedule since I've found I do better when I have some tangible to mark off and see my progress.

[On my fridge, mirror, and by my desk at work.]

No excuses friends (until the work stress catches up with me).  I started off this week right by getting my head in the game with yoga.  

Back to Pinterest!  I've been scouring for all types of vegetarian recipes to try (in an effort to cook more in January this year).  One thing I'm really not good at is eating processed foods.  I'm typically in a hurry and pretty lazy in the mornings (that's what a 6am wake-up call will do to you).  I pick up the easiest breakfast I can throw in the toaster/microwave and the same goes for my lunches.  While I'm not the best at planning ahead, I am dying to try overnight oats in a jar!

There is obviously tons of ways you can do them.  I pinned a few different recipes to try, but they all use variations on oats, milk, yogurt, flax or chia, and a nut butter.  I'm planning to pick up the ingredients on our next grocery store run.  I'm thinking almond milk, peanut butter (we do have a used container here, but I'll rotate some leftover empty jars I have too), and dried cranberries.  Yay vegan!?

Have you ever tried OOIAJ?  What are your healthy fads resolutions for the year?


Oliviaaa said...

my house is way backwards... we've been doing TERRIBLE with being healthy this month. Maybe next month we'll jump on the work out wagon. MAYBE. :]

WannabeRunner said...

Woo, go you! I find having a calendar helps me keep accountable too.

I've never tried OOIAJ, but have heard a crap ton about it. Maybe one of these days. :)

Kristin Miller said...

Those oat things are interesting! But what do they taste like?! So intriguing! I make trader joe's quick steel cut oats in a double or triple batch. I then portion it out in the morning, one to two minutes in the microwave and it's ready! (I add a banana, an apple plus peanut butter and cinnamon) Also, if you have a trader joe's, they have a good eggo type waffle with no preservatives; pretty much all their stuff is that way. It doesn't break the bank and is SUPER tasty!!!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Veggie curries and crock pot? Sign me up!


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