Saturday, January 7, 2012

Taking it easy breezy.

You know as it's getting colder here in NC, and I'm actually wishing for a snow day (before school has even started back).  I'm only wishing for that snow day so I can have a break and a[nother] reason to be lazy.  It really has me reminiscing on our vacation to the Bahamas from last month.

[View from our balcony]

While I wouldn't mind decompressing from the holidays with a post-Christmas trip, it was nice to start off our holidays in the most relaxing way.  We headed out of Atlanta on December 20 and returned late on Christmas Eve.  We stayed at an all-inclusive in Nassau and only left our resort once to check out the casino.  It was a fabulous trip with lots of drinking, laughs, relaxing, reading, eating, and people watching.  I didn't take a ton of pictures (because they would really be most of the same seeing as we spent our days mainly in the same way), but I wanted to share some snippets of our trip.

 [Early airport reading]

 [We seriously had an empty seat beside us on every single flight except our last.  Three outta four ain't bad]

[Bahama mamas upon arrival at the resort]

 [Where we spent most of our days]

 [What a beauty]

 [We spent a lot of our nights playing cards, drinking, and listening to the nighttime entertainment]

 [Lots of blue going on in this picture]

 [Working out on vacation...who am I?]

 [Finally rocking the new sunhat]

 [Spotted a rainbow on our last day!]

 [Casino.  Seriously my first time gambling]

 [Just the two of us.]

 [The nighttime entertainment was definitely interesting and kept us laughing]

 [And you know they were trying to sell us something on the beach]

 [The water was mostly freezing, but expected with the perfect 80 degree temps]

[Definitely didn't mind spending my days with this book]


Kristin Miller said...

We went to the same resort two years ago! I worked out in that gym! :-) looks like you had a nice time, I love that photo of you with your hat!!!!

Kristin W said...

Kristin! So cool that you stayed at the same resort (small world!). The food was actually better than I thought it'd be and the nighttime entertainment was hilarious!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Nice vacay. Looks warm and tropical.

Wow. Can't imagine you want a snow day. I NEVER want it to snow.

WannabeRunner said...

Jealousssssssssssss :)

PS - i have three stars tattooed on my foot, too! But they are black and on my left. :)


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