Monday, August 13, 2012

Yes, I want a deer head for my living room.

It's pretty pathetic that I have yet to cross off more than one thing on my summer bucket list this year.  I'm sad and embarrassed.  Since tomorrow is my birthday, I am planning to pick up some spirits in order to develop my signature summer drink.  The instagram wall idea has really got me thinking about decor.

Our poor little living room is pathetic.  We have old, hand-me-down furniture.  It's really a beautiful room though.  It's the room that we and guests spend the most time.  It is the first room that I really want to invest in decorating.  The walls were already painted when we moved in, and I love the color.  A grayish-blue with white trim.  I've been fervently debating decor ideas and have a pretty clear idea of what I want.
Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

I want a version of this couch from Ikea.  I'm thinking of a darker grey for a couch so every spill does not show up.  The grey I prefer is a little bit darker than the above version.  Since our couch sits in front of large windows, it won't clash with the walls.  The problem is our little kitties who love to claw our current couch.  Will they destroy the new one?  Even a "cheaper" Ikea couch?

I'm pretty obsessed with lucite (and those antlers on the wall).  I want just a lucite coffee table to replace our huge, awful one that has followed D all the way from south Georgia.  I think the lucite will give things a bit more of a modern feel.

We have three large windows on the back wall, and they're currently holding these terrible red, suede curtains (what can I say? They came with the house, and we're cheap).  I adore these simple but chic curtains.  I think they'll pair perfect with the grey couch.

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

Obviously this rug is going to tie the curtains in together.  Perfection.

Then it's the deer head (but I promise it would be all white) that would be the focus of the gallery wall that meets your eye when you walk in the door.  It would be surrounded by instagram pics and fun printables and other Pinterest DIY ideas.

First priority is the couch & coffee table...


Kaileigh said...

I was going to say you can have my deer head, but he is definitely not all white. And my husband would kill me if I ever gave him legit we probably wouldn't be married anymore.

Jo said...

Girl, you have got some seriously sweet style sense. I love your whole plan! Have you browsed Etsy for a fake deer mount? I actually really love the antelope or whatever it is in that last pic. Surprisingly chic and a little bit exotic.

Sammantha said...

All this seriously makes me want to redecorate my whole place. Ugh. My wallet does NOT thank you - but I do, lol

meghan said...

I love all of your ideas. Check Rooms to Go too for couches. I bought a nice on there with a chair and ottoman and they're still serving me well. They have good prices and no interest financing where you can pay it in smaller amounts monthly and not have to pay the interest if you pay it off before 12 or 24 months. That's what I did when I first furnished by apartment. And now they're in our house and look great. And the antlers and instagram prints is a great idea too. I can't wait to see your upgrades.

Cara-Mia said...

I'm loving lucite, too! I saw Joss & Main had lots of lucite tables and coffee tables on sale this week, but I am so pathetically broke that I couldn't buy any of it.

Anonymous said...

Girl. You are going to rock that living room. Even with the deer head, but good choice with the all white. I'm excited to see the progress!


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